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Cobra Event Assignment # 1:Mark Littleberry


Hello...I am retired Lt. Commander Mark Littleberry. I am a medical doctor for the US Navy. I was also stationed at Johnston Atoll Field Trials, where various viruses were tested. I gratuated from Harvard University and I have a degree from Tulane University in medical sciences. I have been on many missions in my past, but right now im in New York. A scientist by the codename of Archimedes is making combinations of different uncurable diseases including th common cold. His real name is Tom Cope. Hopefully we will catch him soon. ::::::::::::::::::::: I chose Mark Littleberry. I think this would be his site if he had one. I used a real picture of the nuclear weapons trails in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This picture was taken from a F-18 Fighter Jet. I also put in some links that i thought were appropriate for Lt. Littleberry. The GenBank site isnt what was mentioned in the book, but its a really cool website were you can look up the DNA patternt for almost anything, even viruses. I put in a small section of the text that I thought would be on his real site. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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