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Wireless Mini Color Security Camera - ZT-802A


                                                                             General Features:

Image pick up: 1/3inch CMOS

1/50~1/10,000 second electronic shutter

380-lines resolution

150-300 feet range, line of sight, (reduced through obstacles such as walls)

60 Hz scan frequency

3 LUX illumination

900-1200 MHz output frequency


Full motion real time color video with no delay

Camera runs on 9-volt battery or AC adapter

Composite video connections on receiver





DVC80 is an external USB video transfer connector which easily

connects to a desktop or laptop PC. - Capture in digital
Simply hook your camcorder or your VCR to your PC with the

DVC 80 cable and copy your movies onto your hard disk.

- Works with any video devices
All digital and analogue camcorders or VCRs have audio and

video outputs to connect on TV sets: just use the same

connectors and cables to connect to DVC80.