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Welcome to the official webpage of Marty. No, we're not dead, and no we're not disbanded. We just took a break. now we're back with a vengeance!!! We have more music, a renewed desire to play, and the possibilities to do it. Beware-for the powerhouse that is Marty has been reborn!!!

Listen to our new song here!!!!! 2nd Best

With brand new technology, we bring you "Marty Interactive" How does this work you ask? Easy. All you need to do is run this relatively unknown program called AOL Instant Messenger. IM either Markus with sn supergoat smells or me (Kyle) with sn army of monkeez

This site is still under construction. Hopefully you will all like it. If you don't, well too bad.

Marty is available for shows, parties, weddings, and bar mitsvas. Let us know at Make sure the subject line says Marty, just so i can seperate it from the loads of spam i get.


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Ok, the rest of the page is up. Not sure if everything is workin properly, but I'm not gonna bother fixin it now-its 5 in the F***IN AM and i wanna get my sleep. Sorry for any inconvenience anyone. Well wish us luck as we prepare for the Battle on Saturday nite. And come down and support everyone's favorite punk influenced alternative rock band if you can!!! We'd love to see you there!!!!!

~ Kyle


Marty will be playing in a battle of the bands at SUNY Binghamton on Dec 6th. If for some reason you're in the area or want to make a short road trip come check us out. We will be playing all of our new songs for the 1st time live. Tons of fun all around. Wish us luck.


Added the thing to check out 2nd Best and working on bios page and still reformatting all the other pages. Calm down- I have no time now so I'm doing it in any free time I get. And come and watch us at Battle Of The Bands.



Due to some unknown problems all my ideas for cool fonts have come to a screeching halt. For some reason the page corrupted, but hopefully now that i use standard fonts that won't happen again Other than that not much has happened. I am going to do my best to redo all the other pages and get those up by next week. Then I can try other cool stuff. Well until then I'm gonna pass out or be bored or something



Currently I'm rebuilding the old site trying to make it look better and much more almost-professional looking. My skills aren't finely honed yet but I'm getting there. If you have any comments about the new design e-mail me at or Either way, make sure your subject says Marty.