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Welcome to my Year of the Spider "preview write up" section. Here I will have updates concerning Year of the Spider, coming out April 29, 2003. I've heard the mp3's from the live show and they are amazing. I've also heard the chorus loops on KaZaA, and it just got me more excited for this album. Tracks on the album include (in no specific order) "Suffocate", "Remedy", "The Day Seattle Died", "Sad Happy", "Black Sunday", "Rain Song", "Don't Belong", "Wasted Years", "Change The World", "A Letter To God", "Whatever You Became", "Kill The Music Industry"...COLD in NO WAY has changed, whoever thinks so has to clean their ears out. If you think COLD changed, wait till ya hear "Kill The Music Industry" and then get back to me on that one. All in all Year of the Spider is AMAZING and I can't wait till April!!!

UPDATED: 4/30/03
Year of the Spider has been moved to May 13th 2003...Reason for the date being moved is so the release date can be on the 13th, because 13 is COLD's number. In more YOTS news, all full-length CD tracks off YOTS have leaked onto KaZaA...If you choose to download them, please don't share them!! (COLD ARMY policy)..Thanks! That's all the news for now..

Anymore updates concerning YOTS will be said here.