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Something Creative


Here is a story about me that I created for my English class. I was not required to write an essay-like paper, but it turned out that way. I guess I did have a lot to say. I had fun writing this paper.


Story of A Girl


††††††††††† Time goes by so fast. When I was in elementary school it seemed like it would be forever until I would reach the twelfth grade. Well now here I am in my last year of high school, getting ready to graduate in a few months. Along the way I have experienced, saw, learned from so many things. Itís given me a lot of time to think of what I want to do in the near future, and it all started when I was a little girl.

††††††††††† I come from a family of six people. The first two are my dad and my mom, Gilbert and Dianna. Then there are my two older brothers David and Steven. Then thereís my younger sister Monica who is in the tenth grade in South Hills High School. Her and me are real close; we do a lot of things together. I guess because were so close in age so we talk about similar stuff and like similar things. Since I was in elementary school, my parents have always encouraged me and my other siblings to do well in school. Ever since that I always did try hard in school. I can remember being known as the smartest of all my friends. Everyone thought I was like some kind of genius, even though really wasnít. To them I was the knowledgeable all knowing Katrina I always wanted to be the one with the highest grades too. In third grade there was this one boy who was really smart and I didnít like that because I wanted to be the smartest kid in the class. So we would compete, always trying to get the candy when you answered the question right. It would always be a tie so after that we just became friends instead of hating each other. I later on the moved and went to a new school called Mesa School. There I was told by a teacher that most likely I wouldnít be a straight A student in Mesa as I was in my old elementary. Personally I felt like she was telling me that I wasnít smart enough as I thought. Mesa was a harder school and I was now getting mostly Aís and maybe one or two Bís on my report card. One of the nice teachers at Mesa later had recommended me into honors for my seventh grade year in Sierra Vista. From there on I stayed in honors classes until I was in my junior year. It was too much work for me and I was stressed from all the work and sleepless nights. I probably got as much sleep as a fish would. Seriously four years in honors is enough! I didnít even drop my sophomore year it was just that I wasnít qualified for Ap because of a C grade in English.

††††††††††† Just because I wasnít doing so good in high school didnít mean I wasnít trying because I was. Actually I was struggling to keep my grades up. I just didnít know Spanish whatsoever and math was tough, especially with a teacher who didnít teach!Overall my grade point average went down and it was really depressing, in regular classes now Iím much happier. I want to get good grades because I know colleges look at your transcripts and itís all usually all about the grades for them.

††††††††††† As of this point in my life my plans are still to go to a college or a university if I can get in. My number one priority is to keep my grades high, and so far itís looking good according to my six-week progress report. I almost had straight Aís if it wasnít for that B+ in economics! Itís been a while since I had those grades. The reason why it is especially important this year is because I want my grade point average to go up. These last couple of weeks I have been taking SAT 1 prep classes, so that I can score high on my SAT 1 in November, because I know that colleges like high scores. Iím hoping and studying hard to keep my grades up and scores high on the SAT1, and along with that I have job.

††††††††††† With all Iíve put into school I still am not sure what I want to be and I wish I did. There are some certain careers I am interested, but they all have proís and conís to them. I doní want a low paying job or a boring one either. So I guess that eliminates a lot of my choices. I have thought about something in the medical field, such as a Nurse, or something totally the opposite, running my own fashion store, or maybe interior design. That looks like a fun low paying job though! Well itís clear that I am as confused as a foreigner who doesnít know English, on what I want to major in for college. Hereís where I think a JC would probably be a good choice to start, but I really, really donít want to go to Mt.Sac or Citrus.

††††††††††† Activities and things I like that Iíve experienced in the past that I think have sparked my interests for careers in the future are such things as writing in a journal practically all my life, another is making a scrapbook for just for fun. I think this shows my creativity and maybe even talent. I also like music a lot; maybe I could become a songwriter. I also love fashion, purses, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, toe rings, shirt, pant, ever thing dealing with it I like. My mom always said I was picky on what she bought me. I also love to watch movies. I even have thought about being a director for a movie or even maybe star in one. It could be fun, maybe.

††††††††††† Well here is how my story ends, a confused girl who wants answers, and is seeking to find them. I know I will too, and hopefully later in my life Iím going to be doing something successful and along with that, a great family, married to Josh Hartnett, a beautiful house on my own private beach with palm trees, and my favorite kind of car. Ahhhhh J. Well canít a girl dream?