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A Little Paragraph About Myself


††††††††††† Hello my name is Katrina Valdez and I go to South Hills High School in the state of Sunny California. As of right now I am a senior in High School who will be graduating in early June. I feel very excited about it, but at the same time Iím a little sad, because I will miss all the people I grew up with. After High School I plan to go to a community college at Mt.Sac where I can major in business. Iím really interested in becoming my own boss and what I mean by that is I want to run my own clothing store. For such a long time I was so confused about what I wanted to be, but this year in my Senior English class I felt better and reassured about the career I want to pursue. The career activities we did truly helped me in deciding on my major, especially the Job Shadow. I am now eager to get out into the world and start my life hopefully I will succeed! Well enjoy taking a look at my website where you will learn a little about my life.