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Video Script of "Rex" part in "Kantor..." video production
Written and Performed
Mark Spiewak

Scene 1

Kantor enters a cave. Light is bright.

My name is Kantor and Kantor is a name of someone who
quits his or her judge school to be Rockstar.
I just came back to Earth from different planet after nuclear
holocaust. As a survivor, Iím the only one who came back to
Mother Earth.


"Our Vanished Grace"
Acoustic song and monologue
performed by Mark Spiewak.

Your eyes flashing at me,
As much as I want to shave your, your spot?
Here is the guy coming a long way,
Seeing hell and heaven in your eyes,
It's been always in his head
You'd been
Lying like saint?

What we did right,
What we did that makes sense?
Are we going to meet again, ?


(Kantor pretending Rex)
In case of Global Corruption,
Donít go to work,
Donít pay your bills?

Scene 4
Kantor (V. O)

When Man and Animal meet
They follow the same road
Most likely to hell, But
Heaven is literally possible

When Woman and Man meet
Way, way, way ahead
Of our time,
It's a bliss

But it's different now
When Man and Machine meet
'Cause in reality
Machines don't have
Soul, But have some
Jane is my new idol
She built her first
Thinking computer
She named It, Rex

Thinks for Jane,
Writes business plans
And programs,
Now Rex's writing
Constitution of the World
In evenings
Composes music

Can't drink coffee or
Have sex

On breaks
Calls and talks to
Jane like a human
Has no Religion
Has no Race
Has no Sex
Has no DNA
Has consciousness
Told Jane;
It loves her
To Everyone surprise in that circus
Jane's car
Stopped and parked
By a beach of a river
That runs thru that city
Jane said
In her secret voice:
I love you, too, Rex.

Kantor (V. O)

It was Rex's solution to save people as well as humanity from
extinction. Kantor owns Res after Jane commits a suicide.
Kantor controls Rex and together they design
first deep ocean city. They also design first colony deep
in space.


"NesT" song

"... We landed on the planet
Close to the Sun,
And built the city
In cave of crystal mountain, ..."

v 2002&2003@Mark Spiewak of PEARLCOPPER
c/o Pascal Communications
All Rights Reserved.

Kantor is a name of someone who quits his or her judge
school and decides to be Rockstar.
Make it long story short, Kantor comes back to Earth
after nuclear holocaust in diffent life and on another planet...He tells a story of human life at various times and how humanity saved themselves from going in deep ocean than space colonization.

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FISHERsLANDS album and "Kantor..." project.
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