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>Cool people<

All right now I can brag about my awesome friends. Shout-outs to those who deserve it~Heather my best friend/spase sista, Kris Inept girl #2, Lisa sis, Charlie cat chow that wants a fanta, Ryan D, Nan-a-banana, Amy J, Steve keep blastin' One Step Closer!, Bretty, Diana, Marie LS4L, Brad-o, Kyle throw the books down (your ass is mine), Molly, Joeylala, Ash*Ash, & Inept guys Kevin, Anthony, Josh, Blake, & Lucas. Y'all rock. Love peace & chicken grease...yeah I stole that from Anthony hahaha

I'm representing for Inept, hell yeah. It's me & Lisa

Me and Lisa chillin'

Heath & I @ Metro to see Inept

-Pics will change periodically-