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John Lennon: The Legend

Author's Note
Family Life
The Beatles
Music through Death

Full Name: John Winston Lennon
Date of Birth: October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England
Date of Death: December 8, 1980 shot by a crazed fan in New York
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Parents: Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon.
Wives: 1st- Cynthia Powell, married on August 23, 1962 2nd- Yoko Ono, married on March 20, 1969
Children: Julian, by Cynthia Sean, by Yoko
Nickname with the Beatles: "The Smart Beatle"
Major Songwriting Credits With The Beatles: "Strawberry Fields Forever"; "Come Together"; "All You Need Is Love"; "Revolution"
Role in The Beatles: Lead singer, guitar
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Cornflakes
Favorite Singer: Shirelles
Hobby: Writing

John Winston Lennon was a well known musician, father, and promoter of peace. Even though he had hard times throughout his life dealing with the stress of war, family, drugs, and the country itself, he always found a way to pull himself through it all.