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What you need to broadcast: To broadcast you will need a Windows based computer, sound card, headset with microphone, Windows media encoder and NetMeeting, a Fast Blast account, audio mixer, a MP3 player, and a No-ip DUC, and also you will need to setup your computer with the call-in feature. You can download the programs from above links..

Configuring your software and computer:
When you start the encoder, you have selections to make. 
1) Select - Broadcasting using New Session Wizard (enter)
2) Select - Broadcast a live event (next)
3) Uncheck video, and check audio (next)
4) port should be: 8181, edit profile and select a streaming of 10kbps at 8Khz stereo. (next)
5) uncheck archive a copy of broadcast (next)
6) Fill in display info, optional (next), then (finish)

1) Start NetMeeting
2) Call tab - uncheck all items
3) View tab- check compact
4) Tools tab- select options, then under the General tab, enter name, check 'do not list my name in directory', check 'show netmeeting on taskbar' . Click the 'bandwidth settins' button and select 28800bps. Under the Security tab, uncheck everything except 'use privacy only'. Under the audio tab, select 'Enable full-duplex' and 'Enable direct sound'. And, 'let me adjust sound detection'. Under the Video tab, uncheck all.

Configuring you computer to take calls:

How to broadcast: To begin broadcasting restart your computer and don't run any programs. This will free up your system for better performance. Connect to the Internet. Start your No-Ip DUC software. Then start the following: the audio mixer, mp3 player, encoder, netmeeting and Fast Blast.