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Stu's Metallica CD-R Trading Page


The Most Up To Date Metallica CDR Site With 2003 Boots Already, Check Out The Latest Tour Dates And Which Ones I Have And Want Here.....

I also have the following DVD's to trade;

DVD List

2003 Dates & Discs

Please Note

I will only trade with serious people. No ripp-offs!

If you contact me and I never traded with you before, then you'll have to send first. As soon as I receive it I will ship you yours.

Please use high quality brand CD-R's as I do the same.

Use only the DAO (disc at once) option when burning live recordings so that there are no interruptions between the songs.

Don't send the CD's in the jewelcases. You save postage fees like that.

I trade only, and do not sell or participate in 2:1 deals.

Full Metallica List

Other Bands