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Track is a sport that requires a lot of energy and devotion.
To be good, you have to be in good shape and willing to practice.
Practice is the only thing that leads to improvement and perfection, especially in the field events.

Most people think that running is all exactly the same with no exceptions.
However, there are tons of different running events, ranging from short, 100 meter sprints to long distance, 2 mile runs.
Each person specializes in a different cateogory of running, and thats something that you should figure out
and experiment with before becoming too involved with the sport.
I personally prefer the middle distance events such as the 800, but everyone has their own taste.
To give you an idea of how long the races are,
I will list each running event below along with the number of laps each is around a standard track.

                      1. Sprints
                        • 100m dash - 1 leg of the track
                        • 100m hurdles - 1 leg of the track
                        • 200m dash - 1/2 lap
                        • 300m low hurdles - 3/4 lap
                        • 400m - 1 full lap
                      2. Middle Distance
                        • 800m - 2 full laps
                      3. Distance
                        • 1 mile - 4 laps
                        • 2 mile - 8 laps

Another common misconception about track, is that it is ONLY running.
This is far from true. Many people on my high school track team don't particiapte in any running events at all.
So now it's time for me to describe the FIELD portion of track and field.
                      1. Jumping (7 photos)
                        • High Jump
                        • Long Jump
                        • Triple Jump
                        • Pole Vault
                      2. Throwing (6 photos)
                        • Discus
                        • Hurdles
                        • Javelin
                        • Shot Put

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