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As you already know, my name is Heather. I live in Massachusetts and am 16 years old. I work
as a hostess at a local restaraunt called Denny's which I mostly do to earn money for my #1 hobby...
SHOPPING. The mall nearby isn't that great, but it still has some of my favorite stores!

When I'm not shopping, working, or at track practice however, there are many other things that
I like to do. They are mostly just the typical teenage things, like going to the movies, spending time
with my friends, and partying. Maybe we have some of the same favorite movies!

Another thing that I am trying to earn money for is a car. Even though I'm not getting my license until January,
I can still dream, right? Of course I can! So here's the cars I'd LOVE to have.

And now, what girls' webpage would be complete without a list of her favorite male actors? Probably none,
so here's mine! Plus, I threw in a mini-photo gallery with a couple pictures of each one of the guys.
I'm sure you girls who visit the site will enjoy it!

The last thing I'm gonna show you is a list of my favorite songs.
So here they are!!

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