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Hey! Welcome to my website.
My name is Heather and this is the site that I'm creating for my high school Web Page Design Class.
Now you're proabaly wondering what my webpage is going to be about. Like you, I thought about this question for awhile,
and finally decided to base my webpage on my personal life, the sport of track and field, and my friends.
This is an activity that I've participated in since I first enterred high school as a freshmen,
and now that I'm a junior, I've come to enjoy it more than anything.

Through the use of the different techniques that I will be learning in this class, as well as from
the HTML Goodies website, I'm going to describe to you the fantastic sport.
I'll also be telling you a lot about myself, my personal life,
and my closest friends. Speaking of do you like the music playing in the background?
It was my friend Jill and I's favorite song to lsiten to at work over the summer!

Once you have all had an good look around my website, I would love to hear from you.
Since this is my first attempt at creating a website, I'll always be looking for ways to improve it,
and any comments or suggestions from you will be greatly appreciated in my E-mail inbox..
So thank you for visiting, and now I'll let you take a peek at the site.
Look around, learn a little, but most of all... ENJOY!


Chicopee High School


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