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Warning!: If you are offended easily, then this page isn't for you. If you don't think I'm funny (I do) then this site probably isn't for you either. This site is about me and everything I like. everyone loves to read my webpage because I am funny and more importantly, I am right. This webpage already has schoolwide recognition.

People at Moreau love my webpage. In fact, if you attend Moreau and personally know me, put Moreau in your header, and I will give your mail priority (I get lots of mail every day)

I hate reading E-Mail

American idol: needs to be cancelled.

Track and field: Lack of brain genes?

Movies suck. Yeah.

I just had a great idea! Really!

List of 10 Things I Hate(I got an award for this one!)

Want to know the absolute BEST way to piss me off?

War Protesters Should Be Thrown In Jail.

I HATE Phone Solicitors

Short List of Cool Girls

Michael Savage Dominates; Charles Barkley Is A Hack.

Weird Morons Have Stalked Me Today.

This Metallica Stuff Has Become Personal. Now Every Rapper Will Get Their S**t Ruined.

I'm Going To Finally Put an End To The Napster Crap.

A Tribute To The Greatest Music Group That Ever Existed.

My Webpage Is Better Because It Isn't Littered With Stupid Seizure-Inducing Pictures.

MTV's Scratch and Burn Is The Worst Show EVER. And MTV Sucks Too.

Rappers Are Smarter Than I Thought

What if Santa Was Evil? (Also, my extremely cool shopping list DOs & DONTs for me.)

Make America Better: Ruin The KKK

Vent Your Frustration. Shut up.

Dentists Suck

Game Shows Suck.

Things That Piss Me Off.(Nice pictures)

Is There Anything Better Than Metallica?

I want to share this with everybody. Are you 'offended' by this site?

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people agree that I am right 100% of the time.

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