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Geo's page with an uncreative name

If you have somehow ended up here, bookmark this page and comeback, b/c i am just beginning to make it... thanks for coming!

Hey all, and welcome to my webpage.
So far there are four sections planned for this webpage.
The first, and perhaps most important, section is the Music section. This contains songs for download from my upcoming CD and also some tracks from the Name For Tomorrow Demo, Fumble.
The second section is for Lyrics of my songs. Each song's lyrics are put ontop of a beautiful graphic... check it out.
Next, for those of you at Clark University who are tired of paying to rent DVDs and videos, is my online Clark U. online "Rental Club" This is a club that any can join too borrow movies from other members for free. check it out.
The fourth section is the "other" section... um... yeah...

Places to go

Clark U. Online Video "Rental"