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Gabes bio and stuff



i built my web site here
theres stuff here

Hey its me! Gabe! Look im finaly in a band! Uh... I play guitar and marcks lieing about him singing, well he sings but he sounds like crap. But i sound like a girl so were looking for a singer in portland! Marck wont give me his 64! He wants to sell it to me! H doesnt want it and i do so hes gonna make me buy it! All of you send hate mail to him and yell at him and tell him to give it to me! Um..... (long pause) Tell him what you think about him (squints eyes and shakes fist) Well e-mail me and uh tell what ever you want to tell and ill put it on here! Later! Oh yeah and im single! Looking gor a hot girl! Im 14!