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Final Hour

Welcome to the Final Hour website! You are now going to experience the musical "abilities" of Final Hour (if we can figure out how to use angelfire then we'd have a better site, but who's complaining?....i guess i am) Read On If You Dare!

History: Final Hour was first formed under the name of No Remorse, with Matt Lucas playing guitar and Chris Gerhardus on drums. Later, they welcomed Nick Jackson into the band as the rhythm guitarist. We have just found a bassist, his name is Zack Pierce. He was in the band, but things were not working out, and now they are, so he is our bassist now. They later found out that the name "No Remorse" was already taken and they got pissed and said fuck a lot for about 5 minutes. then they thought about the name "Final Hour" 4 months later, and decided together on it. This is the history of Final Hour, and if you don't like it, then go eat dog shit, fucker! \m/

You know dont you hate it when you search to see if you band name has been already taken, then like 2 or more bands come up and your like, damnit, So you change you name and you search it agian, Damnit, its taken. So in conclusion no matter what name you have it will be taken, unless for instance, Cradle of Filth when they chose there name im sure no one else had it.

OK, since Zack got back into the band after about a 5-6 month sit out, Zack has returned and yes hes better. He was out earlier becuase he couldn't play anything, he sucked. Matt, Nick and Chris weren't very happy wih there bassist, so they kicked him out deciding he needed to practice on his own and get better before he would play with them again.

As Zack is back in the band, he is getting a new bass amp, yes the amp he had before was horrible everyone else in the band hated it, you couldn't hear Zack playing not even with the little 15 watt amp on full blast. Well good thing hes getting an new amp, ampeg 15", 100 watt, for x-mas. The next thing wrong with Zack he plays an Fender made amp and your probably like, uhhhh, he plays squire, well you squire is made by Fender. So Zack will some day soon get a Ibanez Bass.

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