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Evileenís Page


Hi and welcome to my page I hope that you will enjoy your stay



Evileen is the name of my computer actually that is my online name. You can find me on dalnet in the chat room #Applemp3s.

Evileen is my mp3 server along with MrFixIt and EvilFixit and of course Bubba^Claus_local209 the Christmas mp3 server.

I man Evileen and Bubba^Claus_local209 and my partner mans MrFixIt and EvilFixIt.

And NO Evileen has nothing to do with EVIL anything it is the title of a song by the Atlanta Rhythm section

I think that if you were to download mIRC chat and look for us in the #Applemp3s room you will find that we are a pretty good bunch and are always willing to help out new comers and make a friend. Join us sometime.

I have a pretty good collection of classic rock albums or CDs . also have some cover art and even recipes that are pretty delicious.

I will be looking for you there.



Evileen (Janet)

HI my name is Janet. I am a 46 year old female. A divorced mother of 4.

I have been married twice and well just donít think I am ready to try it a third time at least not yet.

I was born I Augsburg Germany. And raised all over the place and if you think it was fun you are wrong.

My father was a soldier in the US Army and Army life may be great for some people to travel the world. And I donít encourage anyone not to Join the service but I do not think that military life is good for children.

It is a hard life for the Kids. You just get settle into a way of life and think you are stable and getting to have friends then you get ripped away.

With me at least it left me feeling empty and made it hard for me to feel secure.

Friends were temporary and it was hard to think of any one place as home. Relationships are still hard for me I think I still run in 18 month to 3 year rotation cycles.

I think traveling with my family over to Germany and to Okinawa in one way was awesome and in others the worst thing that could have happened to me.

Anyway, I have been living in Pennsylvania since 1976 and I like it here.

I live with my domestic partner and we have a child together. What a joy.

My oldest child is 27, second is 22 the third is 10 and the youngest is 5.




EvilFixIt (Steve)

Hi I am Steve

I am a 44year old male.

I served in the Air Force and did my duty.

I am a divorced father of three.

I was raised in Pennsylvania.

I met Janet on mIRC chat and we have been living together for almost 6 years.

My oldest child is 18. Middle is 16,and thinks (if you can call it thinking) so all I can say is 16.. 16 is flakey.

All you parents of teens know what I mean.

The 5 year old is full of energy, just starting out.



Yes we have pets






We have a cat named Kiatty. He got his name because the little guy couldnít say kitty. Kiatty is a pretty good cat he is a mixed kitty part Siamese, Tabby cat and Bob Cat.

We used to call him Mike Tyson because he was all muscular looking and has this little bity squeaky meow. It really is funny.



If you can call her a dog. Her name is Rozie. She is a poodle. And no she doesnít get a poodle haircut.

She looks pink when she is in the sun and she is always happy to see us.

She knows some tricks. She can speak (too well)

She dances, closes the doors on the entertainment center. She sits and she plays dead when I shoot at her then stops wagging her tail when I tell her dead dogs donít wag tails.

She loves to eat cat food and I gotta put a lid on the litter box or she will eat that too.

She loves candy and gum.

She can unzip my purse and steal my gum so fast if I donít put it out of her reach.

She also meows like a cat when she yawns.

The dog and the cat were raised together and I think they would be lost without each other. They are so entertaining and we roll laughing watching those two fight all night.


I love my fish I have 5 tanks going right now. 3 of them are 30 gallon tanks and 2 are 10s.

I have guppies, tetras, swordtails andd platties . a couple of plecos

BUT I am still extremely Jealous because I canít grow fish like my friend DIANE

I donít know what it is we do the same things but she grows huge plecos and sharks.

Only thing I figure is that ITíS THE WATER