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"welcome home" from els

welcome to the *updated* official site. a cd is in process, a slow process, but if you would like to buy other merchandise (t-shirts, stickers, hats, etc.), then check out our merch. if you have any questions/concerns, or if you want to book us e-mail us at this address ! if you love us a lot, you will join els underground. it's free, like you and me, and you can get even more pictures, chat, polls, and songs. join today by clicking here . thanx for visiting the site and come back to see us, or maybe some updates!

good lord!! it's some updates! :

7/02/05 so it's been 10 months. we are no longer called every little sake. go to for the new band. THANKS!

9/07/04 - just because it's been 3 months since i've updated...sorry. we've been trying to think of a new band name since ryan is no longer in the band, but to no avail. we've practiced a few times, and will probably do so more, since we have a possible show on october 29 at the phoenix arcade in cedar falls. if you have any questions or comments, send an e-mail to thanks! later.

6/02/04 - we've got a few new songs that we are gonna be workin on, and hopefully we'll actually work on a cd this summer...keyword "hopefully"...if you want to support us, we will gladly accept donations. email us at if you would like to donate!

5/19/04 - thanks to the people who went and saw us at the pop show! we did alright...tell us what you thought! hopefully we'll have some shows lined up soon, and maybe even record a little, since summer is drawing sooner!! SIX DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT! have a good life

4/24/04 - we rocked hard last nite!! we also recorded it so sometime we'll put it on the site, but until then, you'll just have to wait and see us at the POP SHOW!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!! WE MADE IT!!! i'll put up more info on it when we know what nite we're playing and stuff. i hope you all have/had a good weekend becuz i sure did. (ZOMBIES EAT YOUR BRAINS!!!!)

4/12/04 - we got us a better site to download music on(it saves us bandwidth and space on this site!) check out the songs if you haven't yet, and enjoy!

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stay posted for updates!

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