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C R A Z Y * W I T H * A N * E V I L * S T R E A K

Craig Montoya - bass, vocals * Art Alexakis - guitars, lead vocals * Greg Eklund - drums, vocals


ECOnline webmaster Shag! has interviewed Art for the official website. The post date for the transcription is unsure (Art must read it, etc., etc.), but it's a good idea to keep checking the site.

Art's solo lp has apparently been postponed (not like we weren't expecting that).
But don't cry just yet, because EVERCLEAR IS RECORDING AGAIN! Woo hooo indeed!!! The new album should come out around fall.
According the the Hollywood & Vine bulletin board moderator, Art has described the new album as "all new stuff/ hard weird and beautiful."
Be still, my beating heart.

Art appeared on teh new season of teh Chris Issak Show You can find the mp3 on the website... I think. But of it's not there anymore, try searching for it on any music sharing service. I'll also try to post it here.

Art preformed accustically on the Tom Leykis show Friday, Dec. 14. According to soem people who caugght it, he spoke about his considerations to make the new album (see below about teh solo album) an Everclear album instead. Don't count on our lovely boy making up his mind soon. I mean come on! Give him a break!!


Like, wow. But yayness!
According to, Nov. 26, 2001:

Everclear Frontman Planning Solo Album

Everclear frontman Art Alexakis is planning to begin work early next year on a solo album for Capitol, the artist tells Billboard in the Dec. 1, 2001, issue. "I'm not defined by Everclear," Alexakis says. "There are things I want to do, even if the music isn't worlds away. This can be just my thing; it's not a committee." He adds that the record "isn't going to get that crazy. There are going to be some acoustic songs; there are going to be some rock songs."
In the meantime, Alexakis is in the studio producing the debut album from Flip, a band from Minneapolis he calls a cross between Kiss, Cheap Trick, and the Sex Pistols. The set is due on Popularity Records, Alexakis' joint venture with Artemis.
The artist says he expects Everclear to return to the studio sometime in 2003. The trio released two separate albums in 2000 under the "Songs from An American Movie" moniker; Learning How To Smile," which debuted at No. 9 on The Billboard 200, and "Good Time for a Bad Attitude," which topped at No. 66 on the same chart. The two sets have sold a combined 1.28 million copies in the U.S., according to SoundScan.
-- Melinda Newman, L.A.

Flipp Central (the band Art is producing on Popularity Records)has a video of themselves and Art under teh "video section" ("Tour with Everclear"). Hopefully, you can download it and let me know what it's like. I don't have the luck.

There will be a baby Eklund in the world very soon! At the Portland Halloween show, Art announced that Greg and his wife are expecting a baby. Congrats!

Art is in Spin magazine. He's only got one quote, but, any Art is good Art. "I got my first bl*w j* b to 'Dream On'-- Yeah, I'm a big Aerosmith fan now." -Art

2-14-02 (Valentines Day. Ugh.) Ok. So I have a bloody lot of schoolwork. i'm sorry. you want me to graduate high school, don't you? DON'T YOU???
Oh, fine. I'm working. I've had some positive responses to my vacabulary section (find it in the "Weird Inside" section), so i'm gonna try to do that and more liek it. Until then, have a lovely day.

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