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Links To Other Realaudio Sites


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A great site that I listen to during the day at work.  Streaming dusties in multiple formats during the day and live DJs during the evenings.  This is a simulated radio site.

Soundbut.gif (1351 bytes) LUCILLE'S ROCKIN RADIO DOOWOPS

Great site!!  Enjoy the Intros to each page or just click to SKIP.  Click on the "Doowop" and "Rare" at the rear of the car drawing and enjoy some rare stuff with commentary.

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One of the largest sites I've seen on the internet.  Has more than DooWop but that's OK if your taste goes that way.  Has extensive jukeboxes.  I think a great site to visit.

Soundbut.gif (1351 bytes) TURNTABLE TREASURES
Nice site to visit.


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Another good site with mostly real early Dusties.


Soundbut.gif (1351 bytes) THE DOOWOP CAFE       
This is a great site that has Real Audio jukeboxes for music plus broadcasts streaming radio shows by guest DJs.  This is a must visit.
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This is a UK based web site that was up for awhile and then shutdown when all the RIAA crap started.  Well Brian let me know that he is back and the site is GREAT.  There are numerous pages but of course the 45 pages attract me.  There are familiar and new entries that I have added to my want list.  This is a Real Audio site. 

Soundbut.gif (1351 bytes) SQUIRE'S ON-LINE DOOWOP RADIO LINKS
Great site that has links to On-Air and archived radio shows that can be heard over the internet.
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This is now one of my favorite sites.  Continuous dusties in three different formats.  They run four servers with different material in radio show format.  At the top of each block, in small print are the available media formats: Live365, Realplayer, & Winamp (Windows Media Player).  With internet feeds of Over-The-Air radio shows cut off because of contract disputes, this is a great alternative.  NOTE: You now have to register to get the still FREE shows.

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