05.04.05 Chester and Sam Divorce

Read here.

02.24.04 LP Touring! woo!

LP on tour NOW! click to check out the bands on the MWT.

LP has announced that for Projeckt Revolution 2004 they will be taking Korn and Snoop dogg along with them. More bands to be announced.

10.31.03: Happy Halloween:D
Its true what some of you have heard, LP's Live In Texas, is showing at Regal Theatres on November 17th in the US. Click Here for list of theatres.

10.20.03: NUMB PLAYER!
The song and video are beautifully sad and the player is just beautiful. That's right there is a new numb player! It's definitely worth checking out! :D

You will also notice LP has a new font and look out for your local LP street team member who should be passing out stickers with the new lp font logo and info on the numb single.

LP is soon to be announcing a headlining tour for meteora according to the bottom of this article on!! Can't wait to find out more info on that. :D

I also would like to apologize for any weird happenings of advertisements on this site. Due to certain circumstances i have not been able to maintain the site as i would have liked but that will most likely change soon. So sorry to anyone who has noticed.

Linkin Park has chosen this site to be one of the official fansite hosts of the LP FAINT Trading Card links! 6 different Trading Cards corresponding to each of the band members will be released weekly on this site! Come back each week to collect the trading cards. Once you have them all, you’ll be able to gain access to a rare LIVE version of the single. You will also have the chance to enter a drawing to win one of six LP Faint collectibles, featuring all six trading cards autographed by the band, matted and framed. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Subject to Official Rules

Click to collect the LP Faint cards and get a chance to win!

That's right, you could enter for your chance to win 1 of 4 magazines being given away! The Chart Magazine issue of May features Mike on the cover and Chart is giving away 4 copies signed by Mike! Click here to check out all the details on how you can win!

04.29.03: Great Magazine Article on Mike and LP

For the month of May CHART MAGAZINE is having an exclusive cover story with MIKE SHINODA. Mike talks about over-achieving his original goals, the success of HYBRID THEORY and the making of METEORA. Not only that but there is a center-spread of MIKE, MR. HAHN and PHOENIX taken from Chart's own exclusive photo shoot with the boyz in Detroit's State Theatre prior to their March 17th concert there.So check it out on MAY 1st and get more info at The magazine is Canadian so if you want to buy it and dont live in Canada you can buy it at the Chartattack website for $6 US dollars. Also check out the Chart LP wallpaper and the Chart Lp contest!

04.16.03: Update
While this site is still in the process of moving, we have a special guest to introduce They will be hosting a chat so you have a chance to chat with Sean Dowdell from Chester's old band: grey Daze. The chat is April 24th at 9pm EST/6pm EST So for all you fans of Grey Daze or those who would like to ask questions about chester click the banner below on
April 24th at 9pm EST/6pm EST

04.09.03: Update
This site will soon be moving to:: HeRe!! Which most likely means a whole new layout. :D

04.07.03: Update
Thanks to the friendly host at this site will be moving!! Soon the site will most likely be updated and located at a new host. As you can tell has been tacking on ads the more popular the site gets. Its out of control now! lol.

03.24.03: Album out 2morrow
So here it is we have finnally reached the big date. Some of you lucky people got to hear the album today because you ordered it online. All i can say is it is an amazing album. I love LP even more now. I cant wait for all you fans to hear it! Its a very emotional cd. For those of you still waiting check out the LPTV player and hear the 4 tracks on there which will hopefully hold you over for 24 more hours! :D

Im sorry for the Lack of updates guys. I havent had time but i will soon and a brand new layout will be coming soon, so be on the look out for that. Also make sure to stop at your local Hot Topic or go to to buy the new Linkin Park shirts! Wear your LP shirt tommorow also!
Thanks for your continued support of Linkin Park and this site! It means alot!

03.08.03: PROMOTE!
I have made some simple grayscale promo posters that you can print and make copies of to help promote Meteora.
I am sorry the updates have been lacking lately but ive been very busy and promoting LP! Also this site may be moved and possibly new layout. Just remember to keep checking out LPTV for new episodes and music. Also if you have not joined LPU yet hurry while lpu tour tickets last! You can still get free tickets by joining lpu!

02.24.03: Somewhere I Belong Released
Hear Somewhere I Belong now! It's truly an amazing song. We also have the lyrics in the new Meteora lyric section.

MTV2 Special Making the Video for 'Somewhere I Belong' will be on MTV2 on March 1st followed by 5 more hours of Linkin Park programming! Check it out and if you don't have it then tune in Tuesday; March 4th on MTV @ 11pm Eastern Time for Making the Video.

New Episode of LPTV
Check out Episode 4!

02.23.03: Info
As we get closer to the album release there will soon be an official Linkin Park player to play songs as they leak out as there was when Reanimation came out. Also make sure to tune in to your radio for LP tomorrow, Monday 02.24. See below for stations and times.

Site:: New Web Address and other updates , The old web adress is still the same address but you may find the new one easier. Also the Chester and Mike Picture sections are now up. Don't forget to check out the new pics in the Group Pictures.

Tune in on Monday, February 24th, to your local radio station for the worldwide premiere of "Somewhere I Belong." Band members will be calling in to the following stations:

KROQ Los Angeles - 7:30am PST

KEGL Dallas - between 9:30am and 10:00am CST

KDGE Dallas - between 9:30am and 10:00am CST

Q101 Chicago - between 9:30am and 10:00am CST

KXXR 93X Minneapolis - 10:00am CST

KROCK New York - 2:00pm EST

02.21.02: Meteora Cover
Check out the cover for Meteora!

02.21.03: Somewhere I belong Sample!
Listen to a small clip of Somewhere I belong! Good stuff!

02.21.03: Site: New pictures
New Group Picture section added. Includes new Meteora Pics. Individual picture sections to be added soon.

02.20.03: TOUR DATES!
The Summer Sanitarium tour with Linkin Park, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, and Mudvayne is set for July

Date of show Location Venue
04-Jul Pontiac, MI Silverdome
06-Jul Foxboro, MA Gillete Stadium
13-Jul Orlando, Fl Citrus Bowl
19-Jul Columbus, OH Ohio Stadium
25-Jul St. Louis, MO Edward Jones Dome
27-Jul Minneapolis, MN Metrodome
01-Aug Denver, CO Invesco Mile High
03-Aug Irving, TX Texas Stadium

Project Revolution Tour Cities Announced!
Projekt Revolution 2003 with LP, Xzibit, Mudvayne, and Blindside Cities::

State College
New Orleans
El Paso
Salt Lake City
Rapid City
Council Bluffs/Omaha
Little Rock

Making the Video
Making the video for 'Somewhere I Belong' to be aired on mtv::

Tuesday; March 4th on MTV @ 11pm Eastern Time

And again on March 5th on MTV @ 2pm Eastern Time.

02.18.03: New Episode of LPTV
Check out Episode 3!

02.13.02: Street Team is OPEN!!!
The street team is open! Click here to get started helping promote Linkin Park with Online and Offline Material!

LPTV Espisodes one and two
Linkin Park make Meteora. Two funny episodes out and much more to come!

When it comes to buying Meteora this March, Preordering may have its benefits. Meteora will come with a 40 page booklet and enhanced cd features. For a few dollars more you can also recieve the DVD version of Meteora, approx $24.95.Prices may vary by store or site. The album cover has not yet been released but you can preorder or check out the details at various sites.

02.11.03: Happy Birthday Mike!!!
Mike turns 26 today! Happy Bday from LP Fanatic!

02.05.03: Linkin Park planning tour in States
So far we have heard that LP is trying to tour with Limp Bizkit and Metallica, nothing has been confirmed yet. For the Projekt Revolution tour in April Mudvayne are confirmed to tag along on the trek, and an possibly Jurassic 5. LP says they plan to play in cities they have not played before.

Site:: Articles
Articles have been added.

01.29.02: 'Somewhere I Belong' Video to air
Likin Park will be on Mtv's making the video near the end of February showing the process of their new video for 'Somewhere I Belong'.

Site:: Articles
Many new articles from websites and magazines are being added to the article section. Keep an eye on them!

12.21.03: New track Listing for Meteora
Meteoras track list has already been released on a few websties. Here is the track list for Meteora:
01 - "Foreword" (Intro)
02 - "Don't Stay"
03 - "Somewhere I Belong"
04 - "Lying From You"
05 - "Hit The Floor"
06 - "Easier To Run"
07 - "Faint"
08 - "Figure.09"
09 - "Breaking The Habit"
10 - "From The Inside"
11 - "Nobody's Listening"
12 - "Session"
13 - "Numb"
The first single is going to be "Somewhere I belong" which will also be the first video. The video is being shot later this week and Joe will be directing it. Any rumors that this single had leaked out are false. People are trying to make fake tracks to confuse people on kazaa but ignore them until you get the real deal. It will be posted here when any tracks are released.

Site:: New Avatars and Articles
New Official Meteora avatars have been added from Also articles will be posted soon so ou can read up on all the news about Meteora.

12.20.02: Happy birthday Rob!
Rob turned 24 today. Happy Birthday!

12.13.02: The new album title has been released!
The album has been entitled "Meteora"! The album will be released March 24th internationally and March 25th in the US. Meteora is Greek for "floating in air". We do not yet know how this will tie into the Lp themes.

12.12.02: LP nominated for two awards
Linkin Park is nominated for Favorite band- pop or rock and Favorite artist-alternative for the 2003 American Music Awards! Watch it this Monday, January 13th 8/7 c on ABC.

Attention British fans
Linkin Park will be featured on 'The Saturday Show' on January to talk about their new album coming out on March 24th in the UK. The show airs at 9am GMT on BBC1.

LP touring in EUROPE
Linkin Park is going to start their tour in Europe! The first places they will stop at are: Paris, Manchester, London, Milan and Hamburg. No dates have been released.

Album Title and Release
The album is scheduled to be released March 25th in the US and March 24th in the UK. LP has announced an album name has been choosen but they are not releasing the name yet.

Site:: Message board change and Ringtones
Message board
has been changed into a tag board, this way you can still post any comments you may have. Also added ringtones! Two new desktops Added.

Quick Facts

Hybrid Theory was once the highest selling album of 2001 and recently announced the 5th highest selling album of 2002. The album has been on the top 100 Billboard charts for over 100 weeks! Congrats LP!

The Neilsen Broadcast Data Systems, who monitors radio play, reported that Linkin Park's "In The End" was the 3rd highest played single on the radio in 2002 with a reported 393,409 plays.

12.09.02: LPU Website Contest Winner!
This site won the contest at LPU! Thank you LPU!Congrats to everyone who won! To view the other winning sites go to the link section.

Lately I have had no time to do any major updates to the site but i plan on doing updates within the next few weeks. Even though March is far far away I am planning to have a new layout based on the new album. Can't wait for the next album!

12.01.02: New LP commercial!
There is a new LP commercial playing, click here to see it from

11.05.02: The Underground
Join the Linkin Park Underground before November 10th and recieve the unreleased Hyrbid EP cd and the reananimation DVD, plus much more. Click Here for more details.

11.01.02: Site:: Daily site updates
Message board has been added along with completion of lyrics and bios. Pictures coming soon.

10.02.02: Site::Added new layout choices!
In left corner of site above Linkin Park logo, you can choose your favorite design.

10.01.02: Site::Welcome to New site!
Site has been created and up! Updates on the way. Site should be completed soon. Mikes LP soldier drawing layout

9.30.02:2 VOTE for LP for MTV EUROPE Awards and MTV-Latin America Awards
Congrats to LP for the nominations in BEST GROUP, BEST HARD ROCK, BEST WEB AWARD for the mtv europe awards and BEST INTERNATIONAL ROCK ARTIST, BEST NEW ARTIST INTERNATIONAL for the Latin America Awards!! Please help them win with your vote!
Vote in Europe Awards
Vote in Latin Awards

9.25.02:2 New Videos on the Reanimation Player!
"Kyur4 Th Ich" and "Frgt/10" have been added to the Reanimation player along with clips of LP talking about the making of reanimation! If you have not seen them on MTV2 now is your chance to check them out. Click here.
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