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~Main credits~

Creator and main operator: Andrew Dorman

Moderator: Angelfire Team

Emailing Moderator: Sam 2k2

DHTML Moderator: Matthew

HTML Moderator: "Feyd"

Guestbook Hosting: SPiN

~Guest Programing credits~

Dynamic Overlay : Francis Hemsher

Site Promotion (Search Engines) : Jim Daniels,Google.Com

Web Hosting Advise: IMC

Dymanic HTML Provider: Dynamic

"121" Operating Client: Bold Chat

Customer support And The Internet : Adam Brown

Tag-Board Moderator: Matt Reinfeldt

~With Thanks To...~

Proboard Forums: Dbworld-Thomas Goodger,Twin_link-Shaun Smith

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ip Mangement: Andy chaplin

ip Tracking & Banning: Scott Gilbert

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