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February 25, 2002





The current mebers of Wenley Mable are very secret so for the site the names have been changed in a secret code. Have fun trying to crack it. (its near enough impossible)

Resarf Yarg: The singer in the band and idea man (with Elyk). Has exeptional MC skills as demonstrated on "pissing in the jungle", Wenley's debut single.

Elyk Nitramlig: The main man of Wendley Mable and founder of the band. Elyk is the guitar player in the band and can make a million songs from the one chord

Nacnud Sttuoc: The drummer of the band. Has a massive barnet. period.

Leahcim Ylleks: The other drummer of the band. A damn fine 1 as well, one of the homeboys with Rerarf and Elyk.

Giarc Bmal: Harminica play of the band and MC. Kicking out the jams like no other.