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February 26, 2002



Michael Skelly (aka. Big Mike): The drummer of the band and will no doubt grow up and be one of the drum legends (like he isn't already!). Apart from being the KING of the drums skelly is also a keen skater.
DOB: 22/04/86

Craig Lamb (aka. Lamby): Lamby is the singer/songwriter of the band. Big on mixing different styles with blues, hip-hop, rock, prog and pop in the same song! Also Lamby is big on sport and rugby and hockey being the sports of choice.
DOB: 05/11/86

Duncan Coutts (aka. ermm....Dunc): Dunc is one of the two Disillusion guitarists. Dunc pushes out the riffs like no other and is often seen to be destroying bits of his guitars so he can achieve the most wacked out sounds!
DOB: 02/12/86

Mark Kohler (aka Kohler, Big Kohls, Coka Kohler, Ging): Kohler is the bassist of the group. A big fan of..well.. anything (apart from Pink Floyd!!) Kohler would probably be the bands insane memeber. Is amazing at every extreme sport under the sun and also has a very high voice!
DOB: 19/12/86

Fraser Gray (aka. Fras): Fraser is the second guitar player and would probably ceace to exist with his six string as he is a complete guitar buff! Big fan of anything Musical and also designed and runs this site.
DOB: 09/07/86


Dunc and Fras use: Marshall, digitech, morely, boss, fender, takamine, korg and a'ddario equipment.
Lamby uses:AKG mics
Skelly uses:
I use Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Paiste cymbals, Meinl cymbals, Remo drum-heads, Vic Firth / Pro-mark sticks, Premier stands and accessories.
Kohler uses: Jim Deacon basses, korg equipment, Trace Elliot amps





Profiles of each member in the band if you want to know just that little extra.


copyright of gray, kohler, skelly , coutts and lamb. 2002