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17 February, 2002


Where are Disillusion from? : Disillusion are from the city of Dundee, Scotland (well near enough, Monifieth and Birkhill to be exact).

When were they founded and where? :Along time ago (well about a year) in Stage 2000, our local rehersal studios. Singer lamby was with Fraser playing guitar on this day, then they found out lamb's lyrical skills and Dunc was drafted in as second guitarist.

Where was there first gig? : This was at a regularly organised event called "moshing in Muroes" in which many fantastic bands play live and then go for a big party in the woods afterwards!

Are they signed? : Unfortunately, not at present. So all u record producers etc. go to the contact page and email the band now!!! :)





This page gives you the low down on Disillusion, when they were started, where they are from and such stuff. Check back to this page if anything major happens in the world of Disilluison.


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