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Will she see me

she hangs her head to cry
every time I turn to leave
I don't know what I should do
should I fall down to my knees
I wanna be the one
that lets her heart breath
its so hard for her to love
when there's others in her sleep

do I make her lonely
maybe Im the one to blame
emotions are uncertain
when your playin in that game
maybe if I close my eyes
Ill turn around and see
will she see me

I see her every morning
shes a beautiful site
does she ever see me
should I give up this fight
I'll really miss her when shes gone
shes not comin back
better things have come along
all what I must lack
so I just take a look around
but all I see is my world crumbling to the ground


I did my best to
keep her close to me
and can't move on
when she is all that I see
she made me realize
there's more to this life
but losing her was to much to sacrifice


copyright Calvin Lapp 2002