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I don't understand you

wish you could know what you do to me
and how it tears me up inside
I want to find out what together means
then these feelings I'll no longer hide
but Im just one of many faces
nothing special, it always seems
just the nice guy in so many places
makes me wanna get up and scream

I don't understand you
and the shit you put me through
I don't understand you
what the hell am I suppose to do
I don't understand you
I don't understand you

try and talk but you run away
never find the time
if you did I don't know what I'd say
you're always on my mind
All I need is just one chance
to show you the real me
in this life just one little dance
and then you would see


You can't hurt me when Im gone
This has lasted way too long
maybe I'll be better off this way
just a due in life I had to pay

When I thought I had a chance with you
the happiest days of my life
then you went and told me the truth
it could never work out right
now I see you standing there
and a tear sheds from my eye
you say you will always care
but everything, everthing is a lie


copyright Joseph Beard 2002