the sun is wakin
dawns breaking
my hands are holding on to everything
I believe is me
my head is programmed
my lifes been so damned
this love around me
never seems to be

Sometimes Im wasted
most times I face it
this time Im taken
evertyhing whatever I need give it to me
and I can't take it
that I won't make it
this lifes forsaken
everything that I'll ever be don't believe

that I can't help
but feel this way
as my life begins to stray
away, from everthing
and this person you believe
to be inside of me
is torn and worn
and faded into gray


The words you said
I cant forget
your empty words
Ring in my head
this time your a leavin
and i stopped believing
your hollow lies
and broken promises


copyright Mark Weiand 2002

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