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don't pinch me, Im afraid to wake up
afraid you're just something I made up
cuz deep inside I really feel
that you could never be real
like a gift sent from above
the one that I've dreamed of
so tell me once again why
you are by my side

you're everthing I wanted
I just want to let you know
you're everything to me

you brought the light when it was dark
helped to mend my broken heart
gave me a different view
but now all I see is you
don't know what this is I feel
too afraid it might be real
so much to lose this time
Im going out of my mind


hang my head when you're not around
get to start to feeling down
but then I close my eyes and see
what it is you mean to me
a smile cracks as I see your face
and remeber all the things we've faced
I don't belive I could ask for more
you're everything that I adore


copyright Joseph Beard 2002