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Full name: Mark William Weiand

AKA: Fat Willy

I play: mostly with my weiner, but also guitar

Biggest Influences: Staind, Cold, Creed, Fuel

First concert seen: BFS

Bands I hate the most: Boy Bands, rubber

I started playing: guitar 2 years ago, with my weiner way before that

Favorite Beer: Diet Budwieser, but I prefer captain n' cokes

Favorite quote: "Life's a garden, dig it. Make it work for you" -Calvin Lapp (aka Joe Dirt)

Favorite movie: Goonies

Favorite things to do: I enjoy beating the piss out of Wilson at basketball, beating up my roommate Oly (who is a big pussy), and beating Lapp at paper-rock-scissors, so he has to drive home from the bar. Ahh yes, I also enjoy the ever too often kicking of Brinkmeier's ass at Jenga, Hoops, drinking, etc.... Also anything that involves making fun of Bond.

People I'd like to thank: I'd like to thank my wiener for letting me practice hand-eye coordination on it