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Craig & Nancy's

Grand Funk Railroad
Tribute Site

            Tim Cashion    Don Brewer    Max Carl        Bruce Kulick      Mel Schacher

In December of 2000, a magical thing happened...
Two rock and roll legends began touring again.
Don Brewer and Mel Schacher of Grand Funk Railroad.
Mark Farner, the original lead vocalist/guitarist decided to
remain on his own to pursue his solo career. Don and Mel
recruited 3 new master musicians to give GFR a new, fuller
sound and have been rocking audiences throughout the states.

This lineup continues to create GREAT new GFR songs and have added 3 to their set list:
SKY HIGH (debut 7/14/01 Clio, MI),
WHO TOOK DOWN THE STARS (debut 3/20/02 Sloan, IA)
and the brand new...
BOTTLE ROCKET (to debut 1/9/03 Mt. Pleasant, MI!)

For those of you unaware of the new lineup, it rocks as follows:

Don Brewer - Drums/Vocals
Mel Schacher - Bass
Bruce Kulick - Guitar
Max Carl - Vocals/Guitar
Tim Cashion - Keyboards/Vocals

For more information on Grand Funk Railroad, including tour dates, please visit their web site at

If this band comes within driving distance of your home, you owe it to yourself to see
how good they are and how much fun you can have at a concert.

                  To see some photos that we've taken, click here

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