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Bhlnihii Shij Bii' Hnlo Doo (Lord, I Give You My Heart)
Written by: Michael W. Smith
Translation to Navajo by: Mary C. Teller

D laanaa nisinii, naa hashniih doo
Shij t' t' bee n'nsh
T' shii' hlonii bee, naa hashniih doo
Ay'shninii sh nil

Hh hastig (Chorus):

Bhlnihii shij bii' hnlo d
Niyi' t' hinishn.
Bee nhideesdziihii,
T' ch'h nin'sdzi' bik'eh
Ni nhlnih doolee

Here is a video of the words set to the version sung by myself, with a translation of each Navajo word written below in English, enjoy:

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