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navajo language links
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   K Ntsaaz
                  "women's moccasins"

   Navajo Phases of the Moon

Early Childhood Special Education Technology
This is a site offers a small Navajo online dictionary that has sound bytes for some Navajo words related to childhood education, such as academic difficulty or school psychologist. It even provides terminology for words difficult to translate into Navajo, such as AIDS or parental rights. It is worth checking out!

Here's a cool cartoon of frybread man that was sent on the e-mail circuit! Click here to see it enlarged!

Y't'h, welcome to The Navajo Language Links Page. This page has links to various websites that provides useful information on Navajo Language. I found some interesting sites that have information on the Navajo Language that I thought would be interesting to share.

  • Navajo Linguistics Archive Page
    This website is maintained by the Navajo Language Academy, Inc. This site provides e-books on the Navajo Language FOR FREE on how to teach children to learn Navajo at an early age. It provides a book called SITUATIONAL NAVAJO, a guide on how to give commands to children in Navajo like brushing your teeth, getting on the bus, using proper table manners, etc. In INTERACTIONAL NAVAJO, this book teaches how to teach children how to convey feelings in Navajo. There is also INSTRUCTIONAL NAVAJO MATH, which teaches how to teach early math skills in Navajo, such as learning shapes, numbers, distinguishing sizes etc. All these files are in PDF format.

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