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"We are Barenaked ladies We are sitting in a trailor Well actually we are standing And I - my skin could be paler But now it's not really sunny But I wish that it was Cause then I could get a sunburn And the sun could give me a buzz I might pass out We're Barenaked Ladies Hey we're the Barenaked Ladies Hey hey we're the Barenaked Ladies Hey we're the Barenaked Ladies"

Hey! My name is Matt. I'd like to welcome you to my own personal Barenaked Ladies Website. On this site you'll find a biography of the band and its members, a discography, lyrics, a collection of popular and lesser known BNL conert banter, secrets and trivia, pictures of the band, up-to-date tour information and links to other worthwhile BNL sites. Enjoy your stay, and pardon the dust during construction. If links go to nothingness, page hasn't been done yet! Have fun... cause its RAWKIN'!

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Last Updated: Pics/Bios/Discs/Tour on 2/1/04


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All material contained herein is drawn from the courtesy (i hope) of various sources including, Paul Meyer's BNL Biography Public Stunts, Private Stories, the official site of Barenaked Ladies, and various other web resources. If you claim ownership to any information or objects on this site notify me at and I will promptly address your concerns.