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This band is finished. Firstly because of a certain band member's lack of commitment, communication and modesty, secondly because it now looks likely that I will be leaving to attend University. I hope to join or form a new band as soon as possible. This website for the time being will be used as a means of promoting my music and my person as a musician. ~ Andrew

This band's future is looking very doubtful. I will be very surprised if this situation changes. It is quite probable the band will disintegrate within the week. I will hopefully be able to organise a new band if that outcome does come to pass. With any luck this situation will be resolved. We'll wait and see. ~

Not much going on at the moment, I have been doing a little writing some recording. Nothing concrete just now. Band are meeting up tomorrow to organise some potential gigs and to sort our material (both cover and original) As always, I'll keep you posted on what's happening. ~

Right, I've managed to steal some nice imagery to spice up the website's appearance. Christ, I have to say, it's a sad day that you can't type "rabbit" into a search engine without porn coming up. But I have to say Jessica Rabbit in a thong... ahem, the site is moving along swiftly considering I'm one of the laziest creatures in history of pro-creation. The
Band Members section is now underway and should be appearing shortly. ~ Andrew

Hey there, Black Rabbit are a recently formed Hard Rock / Metal band situated in Scotland in the United Kingdom. At the moment we are playing in low key venues locally, the idea of this website is to promote our music, spread it around a little. You can find some of our demos in the Downloads section. We also have an accout at Soundclick .com, so if it would be easier to stream the music, rather than download the mp3s provided, follow this link which will take you to our soundclick page Black Rabbit - Soundclick To listen to a track, just click: play hi-fi or play lo-fi. We hope to have more demos recorded and uploaded within the coming weeks and months. Will keep you updated ~ Andrew

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