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Lunchbox's Inner Circle

Yo, Whats up? This is Bill Sledzinski ( Lunchbox ) from the Hamlin crew representin!!!

A big shout out to all my bros in The Inner Circle..



Stevie Wonder

and last but not least..

The Columbian Drug Lord

Well, to tell you about our group we're from Pennsylvania

We live in the center of the little red circle. I guess you could call it the "Inner Circle"!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I crack myself up!

Greatest Moments In Inner Circle History

  1. We smoked so much in the car, there was no oxygen left to light the lighters.
  2. Making a hooka for only $4. Made from $1 worth of rubber tubing and a $3 hummingbird feeder.
  3. The night we smoked my resin screen and Louie went on a road trip. She thought she was going down this sunshine and daydreams road in a Grateful Dead Bear punchbug.

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Inner Circle Quotes:

  • Shhhh.... I'm trying to think!
  • Do you see my eye, I don't!
  • I...Poke.....Badgers....With.....Spoons,,,

My Favorite Web Sites

You can find our rules of conduct here
I like Lord of the Rings so this is a good site for related info
Penn State Worthington Scranton Web Site - My School