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The Band - GREEN DAY

Here is just random info, biographies, stories, and pictures of the other band members. I have to give tons of credit to because that website is just awesome and mine will NEVER be as good as that. I advise you to check it out. Anyways, knock yourself out with the other band members Mike and Tre.

Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III)

Name: Frank Edwin Wright III Date/place of birth: 12.9.1972 / Willits, California Band position: drummer, singer (some songs :) ) Plays: drums, guitar, percussion, accordion, bongos, tambourine.. Other bands: The Lookouts, Samiam
Here comes the coolest Tre Cool, king of Berkeley :)
Childhood & Green Day
Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III) was born in Willits on December 9th , 1972, grew up in the Mendocino mountains, where his father, a Vietnam vet, raised Tre and his two siblings. Tre's dad built many of the houses in that area, including that of Lawrance Livermore, Tre's nearest neighbor and the founder of Green Day's original label, Lookout! Records. At the age of 12, Tre joined Livermore's pop-punk band, The Lookouts, recorded an album, and began gigging regularily at Berkeley's punk club. It's kinda funny but Tre had known Green Day for some time from the Gilman Street scene and he helped out its former drummer with drum lessons. When John Kiffmeyer (aka Al Sobrante), the drummer on Green Day's debut 39/Smooth, left the band for college, Billie Joe and Mike signed up Tre and that was the time when Green Day, as the band we know today, was born.
Tre married his girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March of 1995, they have a daughter together named Ramona. They have since seperated but are apparently still on good terms. In March, 2000, Tre married again, this time to his girlfriend Claudia and now they have a baby together! They spent 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii. Whoa!!
'Cymbals Story'
When Tre first took drum lessons from one of his neighbours, the guy would not let him have any cymbals! Just so he could get better on his drum skills! Than after he quit going to its drum lessons, he stole cymbals from a local music store and used them like there was no tomorrow. If you listen closely to the drumming in most of their song, Tre's going nuts on the cymbals.. Don't you think I forgot to mention one of his specialities; yeah, he got used to setting his drums on fire on stage!
Tre has his own signature Slingerland drumkit, the Spitfire. It consists of a 18x22 Slingerland Bass drum, a 5 1/2x14 Slingerland Radio King Snare, a 6 1/2x14 Chrome snare, an 11x14 Slingerland mounted tom, and a 16x16 Slingerland floor tom. Though the Spitfire comes with Slingerland cymbals, Tre still uses a 19" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash on the left, a 20" Zildjian A Medium Ride on the right, a 22" Zildjian K Heavy Ride on the bottom right, a 14" Zildjian K Medium Top, 14" K Medium Heavy Bottom Hi-Hats, and Zildjian Super 5B drumsticks. He also uses Remo Power Stroke 3 on his snare and bass drums, Remo Coated emperors on the tops of his toms, clear ambassadors on the bottoms, and Remo Falam Slam Pad on the bass drum. Tre Cool's Studio King set includes an 11x14 rack tom, 16x18 floor tom, 18x22 bass drum and various Slingerland and vintage snares including Slingerland 5/1/2 and 61/2x14 snares depending upon the sound in the venue.

Mike Dirnt (Michael Ryan Pritchard)

Name: Mike Ryan Pritchard
Date/place of birth: 5.4.1972 / Rodeo, California
Band position: bass player, backing vocals
Plays: bass, guitar, drums, farfisa, baseball bat..
Other bands: The Frustrators, Screeching Weasel, Crummy Musicians, Squirtgun

Well, it'd be fair to stress some things about our famous bass player so..
Difficult Childhood
Mike Dirnt (actually, Micheal Ryan Pritchard) was born in California on May 4th, 1972., to a heroin-addicted mother. When Dirnt was seven, his adoptive parents divorced, and Dirnt bounced between the two until finally settling in with his adoptive mom and older sister. That, too, was short lived, and soon Dirnt struck out on his own, working, among a handful of jobs, at Rod's Hickery Pit where Billie Joe's mom was a waitress. He had a difficult childhood but let's say it this way, Billie Joe brightened up his life. They met each other in the school canteen at the age of 10 and Mike got used to go to Billie Joe's house to play guitar. Mike and Billie Joe (dream team =) did a load of covers together and Mike decided to switch to bass. Dirnt rented a room on the side of Billie Joe's house at one point. In 1986, Mike and Billie Joe founded their first band called Sweet Children which, in 1989, changed its name to Green Day. Eventually Billie Joe and Mike moved out and lived in a punk rock commune called Seventh Street (some sources say that they dedicated a song called Welcome To Paradise to that place).
Mike married his girlfriend Anastasia in August of 1996, they now have a daughter named Estelle-Desiree born in April 1997. The pressures of being in Green Day have become to much for Mike and Anastasia' marriage to withstand and they got divorced. Unfortunatelly, they couldn't patch the things up but they are still goood friends and Mike visits their daughter as much as he can..
He also played for The Frustrator, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun but Green Day needed him the most so..
All of Green Day freaks would be batty at me for not mentioning Mike's bass. The Mike Dirnt Precision BassŪ has been designed to Mike's unique specifications and comes in three colours: Two Colour Sunburst, Black an Vintage White so if you tend to buy one.. way to go! He also uses the Fender '62 Vintage Precision BassŪ , Fender '66 and '69 American Standard Precision Basse and a Gibson G-3 Bass. So long..!

Band Story...Sit back and listen kiddies =P

Folks, there are some facts about the band you adore (worship =) so stop shrugging your shoulders when somebody asks you something about Green Day and read this to mask your ignorance :)
Green Day was a part of the CA punk scene. Childhood friends Billie Joe (guitar, vocals) and Mike (bass), formed their first band, Sweet Children, in Rodeo, CA when they were only 14 years old. By 1989, the group has added drummer Al Sobrante who was very ambitious and after some time he had left the band leaving his place to Tre Cool. That year, the band released their first EP, 1,000 Hours, which was well-received in the punk scene. Soon, the group has signed a contract with the local independent label, Lookout! Records.
1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours & Kerplunk 1.039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, Green Day's first album, was released later that year. Shortly after its released, Sobrante quit the band and, as I said, was quickly replaced with Tre Cool who became the band's permanent drummer. In that time they changed their name to Green Day. Yep, they owe their name to CA slang, actually kinda humorous name for wasting your day smoking pot.. Throughout the early 1990, Green Day continued to cultivate a cult following, which only gained strength with the release of their second album Kerplunk, 1992's. The underground success of Kerplunk led to a wave of interest from mayor record labels: the band eventually decided to sign with Reprise Records.
Dookie, Green Day's mayor label debut was released in the spring of 1994. Thanks to MTV's support for the initial singles Longview and Welcome To Paradise, Dookie became a mayor hit. The album continued to gain momentum throughout the summer, with the another single Basket Case, spending 5 weeks on the top of the American modern rock charts. At the end of summer, the band stole the show at Woodstock 1994 which helped the sales of Dookie increase. By the time the 4th single When I Come Around began its 7 weeks stay at number 1 in the modern rock charts in early 1995, Dookie has sold over 5 million copies in the USA alone: it would eventually top 8 million in America, selling over 12 million copies internationally. Dookie also won a Grammy in for best alternative music performance of 1994.
Green Day quickly followed Dookie with Insomniac in the fall of charts with J.A.R., their contribution to the soundtrack of the movie Angus. Insomniac performed well initually, entering the U.S. charts at number 2, and selling over 2 million copies by the spring of 1996, yet none of its singles, including the rado favorite Brain Stew/Jaded, were as popular as those from Dookie. In the spring of 1996, Green Day cancelled an European tour, claiming exhaustion.

Following the cancellation, the band spent the rest of the year resting and writing new material. The end result is what was called the best album of their career: Nimrod. Nimrod was well received by most critics and fans. The album sold 80,000 copies in its first week to land at #10 on the Billboard charts. The first single from Nimrod was Hitchin' A Ride. The single made it to #5 on the modern rock charts and was in heavy rotation on Much Music and MTV. The next single the band released would not make it to #1 (its highest position was #2), but it's now probably the most well known song Green Day ever wrote. Featuring Billie Joe on accoustic guitar and vocals, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) became the song to play in any remotely sad situation. The song was even used on the final episode of the hit TV show Seinfeld (the most watched finale in the history of TV). Along with Seinfeld, the song was also played on 2 episodes of E.R.. Nimrod has sold just over 2 million, the lowest sales total out of their 3 mayor label albums, but it probably garnered the band more respect than they could have expected with another Dookie or Insomniac. The band also improved their live show and even won Best Live Performance at the Kerang! awards in 1998. Some say constantly that they sound British but this Billie Joe's quote says everything: 'I sound like an Englishman impersonating an American impersonating an Englishman.' Someone will be kinda disappointed, someone will put two thumbs up for Billie Joe's sense of humour :)

After nearly 2 years with barely any mention of the band, Green Day returned in late 1999 to play Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert: their first live accoustic performance. Green Day began recording their follow-up to Nimrod shortly after, which would eventually become Warning. Early in the recording process, the band decided to fire their new producer, Scott Litt, and produce the album themselves, marking the first time since Kerplunk that anyone but Rob Cavallo produced the band recording. After they finished recording, Green Day decided to do something else they hadn't done before headline the 2000 Vans warped tour. Green Day played an amazing set and brought more fans to the tour than any other year in Warped's history. Warning was released in the fall of 2000 and is by far Green Day's most ambitious album to date. If its first singles Minority and the album could prove to be extremely successful. Just 4 weeks after the release of Minority it sat on the top of Billboard's modern rock charts: no other Green Day song has hit the top that fast.

International Superhits & Shenanigans
Green Day's compilation called International Superhits!, which contains the greatest songs, was released in the fall of 2001. It also contains a song dedicated to Pennywise's member that died, Jason. International Superhits! is kinda ultimately answer to dilemmas. Otherwise, all of Green Day's greatest hits, gathered together, show that CA trio is actually an example for any following analysis of the phenomen called melody punk. Due to their pop melody puzzled with punk aggressiveness, Green Day actually turned punk rock in the right way.. Green Day's very best gift for the fans is bringing on stage 3 fans out of the audience to play instead of them.. 3 lucky Green Day freaks (sometimes just 1, sometimes 1 for each instrument + vocal) get the chance to play to thousands of screaming fans.. You better thank your lucky stars :) Gotta go further and mention Green Day's new album named Shenanigans which contains unreleased and B-side songs, actually 14 rare outtakes, cover songs and other shenanigans :). A song Espionage from this album appeared in the movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me as an original soundtrack.

American Idiot
OK, 21st September 2004 has gone by and here's Green Day's new album called 'American Idiot' (like I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph :) As much as I know (and as far as I know :) it's gotten such a sweet reviews! It's just AMAZING! Some say they followed their old lead and I can agree just in a dose of melody punk but here, every song has its history and it's made to leave a mark. You can find 13 original songs on the album, one different from another, but still remains in Green Day style. Green Day guys've put a large dose of energy doing this album and they made it; they made an album of their lives :) I know I should be objective, but 'Jesus Of Suburbia' & 'Homecoming' are the greatest ones! These 2 songs could be an album for itself :) 'American Idiot' refers to kinda campaign against G. Bush, the way he leads America.. It confirms Letterman's show with Green Day supporting J. Kerry :) Geez, the politics is all around us, you can run but you can't hide :) So long and enjoy in 8th wonder, ladies and gentlemen, 'American Idiot'!!!