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Billie Joe Biography

Name: Billie Joe Armstrong Date/place of birth: 2.17.1972 / Rodeo, California Band position: lead singer, guitarist Plays: guitar, drums, harmonica, mandolin, piano.. Other bands: Pinhead Gunpowder, Blatz, Rancid, the Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, Corrupted Morals
One of the influental people in punk rock music, as he was ranked, Billie Joe, was born on February 17, 1972 in Rodeo, California, as the youngest of 6 children. His dad was a jazz musician and a truck driver who passed away of a lung cancer when Billie Joe was at the age of 11. His mother was a waitress at a restaurant called Rod's Hickory Pit. As far as he started to talk he also began to sing and got used to go around to hospitals and sing to patients to cheer them up! Billie Joe's first song was Looking For Love (such a sweet name).
Sweet Children At the age of 10, Billie Joe met Mike in the school canteen and they got hooked up on punk rock music.. Soon after they had formed their first band named Sweet Children. At the age of 11 Billie Joe got his first guitar he called Blue, as a present from his father. His first written song was a song named Why Do You Want Him?. It's obvious that Billie Joe's biggest love was music so he dropped out of school to devote to the band.
Green Day & Family As soon as band's first drummer Al Sobrante quit the band in a purpose of going to college, was quickly replaced by Tre Cool. Then Sweet Children was renamed Green Day. In 1990 in Minneapolis Billie Joe caught a glimpse of Adreinne for the first time. They got married on July 2, 1994. Now they have 2 kids, I mean, 2 sons Joseph Marciano who was born on March, 1995 and Jakob Danger, born on September 12, 1998... and they'll live happily 'till death do them part :)
Some Interesting Facts I believe that you'd be interested in the first album Billie Joe bought.. It was Elvis Presely's The Sun Sessions. I guess you'd agree with me that Billie Joe is known for his odd and amusing actions on the stage and kinda rebellious sense of humour. I think you know that bit I'll mention it anyway, Billie Joe is co-founder and partial owner of the independent label Adeline Records. His side band named Pinhead Gunpowder is Green Day no.2 =). He was also member of Blatz, Rancid, The Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, Corrupted Morals..
Guitars Speaking of his guitars, he has since had a copy of Blue made by Fender. It's just like the original one but with different stickers on. Billie Joe has a Fender Jazzmaster, a sonic blue Fender Jagstang, a Gibson classic Series ES-135 and ES-335, an SG, Rickenbacker, and a Guild sunburst acoustic.