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12/27/06 - "AC/DC MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL" US release on January 2, 2007

Already released in Australia, The Ultimate AC/DC Biography, 5 years in the making, 490 pages, will be released in the US & Canada on Jan. 2, 2007.


12/14/06 - Happy Birthday Cliff!!

Cliff turns 57 today.

12/12/06 - The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Honors Cliff Williams!

WOLFMOTHER frontman Andrew Stockdale and bassist Chris Ross joined fellow Australian musician, AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, as he unveiled a memorabilia case in his honor during a dedication ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Thursday, December 7, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sources and Pics: and

12/11/06 - AC/DC To Headline Irish Rock Festival?

I have been hearing rumors of this for months, but this is the first time I see it officially posted. Be aware fellow fans, I still have some doubts and it may still be a rumor. But here you go!

ROCK superstars AC/DC have been asked to headline next summer's spectacular in Slane, Ireland.

Bosses are banking on the group to sign a contract for a massive one-off show before 90,000 fans and help it become Ireland's music Mecca again.

Entire Article:

11/27/06 - New AC/DC Tribute Album

There is a new AC/DC Tribute album available on titled; If You Want Strum You've Got It. It appears to be all acoustic.

You can also listen to samples at

11/27/06 - Brian Takes First Place in Reality TV Show

As mentioned below, Brian Johnson recently took part in a British reality TV program about Motor Racing called "The Race" in which Brian ended up winning in a dramatic final with Gary Numan.

11/2/06 - Brian to do Reality TV show

Ten celebrity wannabe racing drivers are preparing to be put through their paces next week, as part of a new television show designed to see whether men or women really do make the better drivers.


10/30/06 - New AC/DC Book

AC/DC Maximum Rock and Rock - The Ultimate Story of the World's Greatest Rock Band by Murray Englehart & Arnaud Durieux has been published in Australia by HarperCollins Publishers


10/5/06 - Happy Birthday Brian!!

Brian turns 59 today.

9/7/06 - Angus Young crowned Kerrang! Legend

At the Kerrang! Awards on August 24, 2006, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young was crowned Kerrang! Legend. His band graced the first ever cover of the magazine back in 1981. Kerrang! editor Paul Brannigan called them "one of the most important and influential rock bands in history".


9/7/06 - Another AC/DC book being released

Book release - Let There Be Rock: The Story of AC/DC by Susan Masino is being released October 17, 2006.


9/7/06 - Another AC/DC DVD being released

Thunder Rock (DVD) a collection of archive interviews is currently listed on Amazon with a release date of October 31, 2006.


8/22/06 - A new documentry DVD about the "Back in Black" album

A new documentry DVD about the "Back in Black" album is being released on the October 16, 2006.

"AC/DC - Back In Black A Classic Album Under Review" includes Criticism and Insight from the engineer for both Back In Black and Highway To Hell sessions, Tony Platt, the rock journalist, Total Rock FM DJ and AC/DC expert, Malcolm Dome, AC/DC biographer Paul Stenning, Classic Rock magazines Jerry Ewing, BBC 6 Music DJ Jane Gazzo and AC/DC author Clinton Walker.

However it is disturbing that the cover for the DVD features a band line-up featuring Simon Wright when the drummer on the actual album was Phil Rudd! I guess that's what you can expect from unauthorized releases.


7/10/06 - Plaque stolen from Bon Scott's grave

Thieves have stolen a plaque from AC/DC frontman Bon Scott's heritage-listed Fremantle gravesite, on what would have been his 60th birthday.


5/30/06 - Australian Newspaper searching for Rosie!

This is fuckin' hilarious!

The Tasmanian newspaper The Advocate recently published an article on the search to trace Rosie the woman immortalized in the AC/DC song "Whole Lotta Rosie"!

5/19/06 - Happy Birthday Phill!!

Phil turns 52 today.

5/18/06 - AC/DC Deluxe Boxed Set Update

The AC/DC Deluxe Boxed Set has had its Estimated Time of Arrival updated to August of 2006! You can view this item on the Entertainment Earth website

This AC/DC deluxe boxed set of Angus Young and Brian Johnson from AC/DC re-creating "For Those About to Rock" comes complete with guitar, microphone, base, and large cannon. Press the button and the chorus and cannon fire from "For Those About to Rock".

5/12/06 - Details of the Bon Scott Memorial Day

For information regarding the Bon Scott Memorial Day held on May 6th in Kirriemuir, Scotland visit:

5/3/06 - AC/DC "ready" to record new album

The director of music at AC/DC's record label, Albert's, has discussed the long-awaited new album from AC/DC.

Full Details:

5/3/06 - AC/DC rocked by ID scam

AC/DC producer and former Easybeats guitarist George Young is the victim of identity fraud that has seen aspiring musicians in the UK fleeced of thousands of dollars.

After I read this article, I could not help but laugh. Who gives someone their ID, Passport, Credit Cards, etc? OUCH!


5/3/06 - The Big Ball - AC/DC Convention Announced!

The Big Ball - AC/DC Convention "Highway to Wrecks 'Em 2006" will take place at the North East Wales Institute in Wrexham, Wales from Friday August 4th to Sunday August 6th, 2006.

For full details visit:

4/13/06 - Bon's mirror sells for 12,540 Australian Dollars

A shaving mirror belonging to Bon Scott has sold at auction for $12,540. The black leather-encased mirror with "Bon" embossed in gold on the outside was given to the rock legend by his mother, and had been expected to sell for less than $800.

Also, an AC/DC vinyl test pressing of High Voltage with its original paper and PVC wrapper sold for $8655!

More auction details:

4/13/06 - AC/DC 2005 Earnings

AC/DC have been ranked Australia's second top-earning entertainers by the business magazine BRW, behind the Wiggles. They made an estimated $25 million (approximately $18.5 million U.S.) in the year despite not having released an album since 2000. The band's earnings were strong thanks to the release of the DVD "Family Jewels", which the magazine said raked in $6 million ($4.5 million U.S.).


4/13/06 - Another "unofficial" AC/DC documentary

Currently listed on Amazon UK with a scheduled release date of April 24, 2006 is the unofficial AC/DC documentary, "AC/DC - It's a long way to the top".

Note that this will not play in many U.S. DVD players which are NTSC format. This DVD is being released in the PAL format. I'll keep an eye out for a hopeful U.S. release.

4/13/06 - Brian Johnson and Angus Young Action Figures

Brian Johnson and Angus Young Action Figures are due to be released in December of 2006.

This AC/DC Deluxe Boxed Set of Angus Young and Brian Johnson re-creating "For Those About to Rock" come complete with guitar, microphone, base, and large cannon. Press the button and the chorus and cannon fire from "For Those About to Rock".

More details at:

4/13/06 - 1991 Moscow VHS being released on DVD

According to a press release by Warner Bros the “For Those About To Rock…We Salute You: Monsters in Moscow” video will be released in DVD format on June 5, 2006. The video features four AC/DC songs filmed at Tushino Airfield in Moscow on September 28, 1991 in front of an estimated crowd of 500,000 fans.

AC/DC tracks:
-Back In Black
-Highway To Hell
-Whole Lotta Rosie
-For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

3/31/06 - Happy Birthday Angus!!

Angus turns 51 today.

3/13/06 - Updated info on Bon's memorial stone

The latest information regarding the unveiling of the memorial stone to Bon Scott which is to take place in Kirriemuir on Saturday, May 6th can be found at

3/13/06 - "GOAL" available on DVD

Goal - the film that features a cameo appearance of Brian Johnson, has been realeased on DVD and can be purchased on

3/13/06 - Phil Rudd producing band of all female hoties!

According to information on their official web site, Jaggedy Ann an all female Las Vegas based band are working on their debut album in New Zealand with the producer being AC/DC's drummer Phil Rudd.

3/13/06 - Director and cameraman talk about video shoot

30 years later, the cameraman and director of the video for the AC/DC song "It's a long way to the top (If you wanna Rock n Roll)" remember the shooting of the promo film in an Australian newspaper article.


2/21/06 - Bon's letters to former wife to be auctioned off

Bon's love letters to his former wife Irene Thornton are going to be sold at auction in April.

The Melbourne auction house Leonard Joel will be conducting the auction of Irene's love letters from Bon as well as Bon's shaving mirror and a vinyl test-pressing of AC/DC's Jailbreak album.


Auction Items:

2/16/06 - Bon Scott's Grave Receives Special Honor

In an unusual ruling, the grave site of Bon Scott in Fremantle Cemetery in Western Australia was classified with a heritage listing Wednesday.


Thanks to Tonya for the links! YOU ROCK!!

2/1/06 - K-Rock Hurricane Relief II Video

Check out for a video of the K-Rock Hurricane Relief II benefit concert Brian and Cliff performed at in Florida on 12/15/05.

1/6/06 - Happy Birthday Malcolm!!

Mal turns 53 today.