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Butte County Gold Prospectors Association

Welcome to the Butte County Gold Prospectors Association homepage. we are a newly formed club in the Butte County,California area backed by a total of about 35+ years of gold prospecting experience in dredging,metal detecting,sniping, and just about every other aspect of gold prospecting and recovery. We are always accepting new members.membership includes access to some of the very best public/private gold bearing ground in Butte County, both public and private, as well as access to several pieces of property in Amador/El Dorado Countys.Looking for a friend to go prospecting with?...this is the place to find one!.....This is the beginning of the 2004 Dredging season here in Butte County, and for those who dont know how to prospect, Prospecting Classes are now forming. Students can choose from basic gold panning lessons to advanced dredging tecniques,placer gold location and stream geology, and several other hands on courses. One On One Instruction Also Available!..Gold Prospecting is the PERFECT outdoor sport involving the whole family...for more information on membership or classes ( need not be a member to attend the classes), you can contact John at

Gold Prospecting Picture's

Dredging For Gold, Undisclosed Location
Another Dredging Picture, Same Location
Tending The Dredge
A Large Amount Of Fines From A Previous Trip...WOW!
One Happy Member!
Sniping Teritory. Took 9OZ Out of this area
Cleanin Up For The Day
Gold Fever TV!
The Very BEST Prospecting/Dredging Equipment Available!
Great Info On Stream Geology, And Locating Placer Deposits In A Waterway