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Name: Chester (Chazy Chaz)
Age: 25
Instrument: Vocals
Gear: Audio Technica Wireless Mics
Takameme guitars
DVS/Matix action figure steelo BIATCH!

Quote / What do you like about being in the band?
"What I enjoy most about being in the band is having
the opportunity to create and perform music with
amazing musicians who have also become closest of friends.
I would like to thank all who support us and make all of this possible." - Chester

1976: A child, named Chester Bennington, is born on 20 March in the little town of Phoenix in Arizona. Here starts Chester's life

1977: Nothing special happens this year.

1978: Nothing special happens this year.

1979: Nothing special happens this year.

1980: Nothing special happens this year.

1981: Nothing special happens this year.

1982: Nothing special happens this year.

1983: Nothing special happens this year.

1984: Nothing special happens this year.

1985: Nothing special happens this year.

1986: Poor Chaz is already teased because he wears spectacles and because he has a bigger forehead than the others. At school he finds only friends in a group of nerds… ;.;

1987: To be teased is terrible, but that year happens something even more terrible ! He discovers that his 2 sisters and brother are in fact half sisters and brother. He was adopted and his parents did not tell him this! ( WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ;.; )

1988: A good friend of his commits suicide under strange circumstances. Chester's world collapses. And because he wears spectacles he gets less and less real friends.

1989: He and a friend liked it to roll of steep hills. They decided to do this with a plank on small wheels. Chester smashes against a wall and goes to hospital, where he needed 40 stitches !

1990: After a while he may leave the hospital and just a few months later another good friend dies. This time due to a skating accident.

1991: And still the troubles do not end ! Just one year later AGAIN another friend commits suicide. Chester really has problems to make new friends. At the end of this year he he is confident again to trust people to become his friend. All his friends are much older than him. He could not foresee that one of them would make sexual abuse of him, but it happened anyhow.

1992: This sexual abuse lasts more than a year.

1993: He comes in contact with alcohol and drugs like weed and heroin. Sometimes later this abuse ended because that person got out of his life.

1994: He is now 18 years old and trusts nobody anymore. He has almost no friends and is addicted to drugs. But at last he meets someone friendly in the person of Samantha!

1995: Thanks to Samantha Chester starts living again. He overcomes his alcohol and drug. He makes new friendships and he grateful to Sammy for this.

1996: Now that all goes well, it can only become better. He marries Samantha!

1997: Chester's brother heard that the group Xero, which becomes later Linkin Park, needed a singer and introduced Chester into the band. A little later Chester is in the band with the new name of Hybrid Theory.

1998: In Hybrid Theory he can loose most of all his suppressed frustrations.

1999: Hybrid Theory becomes now Linkin Park. The people of LP and Chester are very good friends now, they understand him and look after him so that he quits drinking alcohol.

2000: Hybrid Theory, the new album of LP is released and is plenty of talking about problems. While expressing his feelings this way, Chester feels much better now.

2001: Nothing special happens this year.

2002: But in the year 2002, Chester leaves the band for a while, because Samantha is pregnant. Because she did so much for him, Chester wants to take care of her and his son. And on 19 April a new Bennington is born. His first name is Draven and his second name is Sebastian. The album Reanimation is released while Chester is out of the band.

2003: Chester is now back in the group. Meteora becomes a big success and is plenty of good music over the real world, the world that Chester knew before he joined Xero.