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Skid Row - Slave to the Grind

Monkey Business (Bolan, Snake)

Outside my window there's a
Whole lot of trouble comin'
The cartoon killers and the rag-covered clones
Stack heels kickin' rhythm
Of social circumcision
Can't close the closet on a
Shoebox full of bones

Kangaroo lady with her bourbon in a pouch
Can't afford the rental on a bamboo couch
Collecting back her favors cause her
well is running dry
I know her act is terminal but she ain't
gonna die, no

Slim intoxicado drinkin' dime store hooch
Is always in a circle with his part-time pooch
Little creepy's playing dollies in the
New York Rain
Thinkin' Bowie's just a knife

Ooh, the pain
I ain't seen the sun since I don't know when
The freaks come out at nine
And it's twenty till ten
What's this funk
That you call junk
To me it's just monkey business

Get back

Blind man in a box that'll probably die
The village kids laugh as they walk by
A psycho on the edge of a human garbage dump
And the vultures in the sewers are tellin'
Him to jump
To the fire, from the frying pan
Trippin' on his tongue
For a cool place to stand
Where's this shade, that you've got it made
To me it's just monkey business

Monkey business, slippin' on the track
Monkey business, jungle in black
Ain't your business
If I got no monkey on my back

The vaseline gypsies and silicone souls
Dressed to the society
Hypocrite heartbeat and cheap alibis
Can't get you by that monkey


Monkey business, you can't tell me I've got
the business
Don't give me no business

Slave to the Grind (Bach, Bolan, Snake)

You got me forced to crack my lids in two
I'm still stuck inside this rubber room
I gotta punch the clock that leads the blind
I'm just another gear in this assembly line, oh no

The noose gets tighter
Around my throat
But I ain't at the end of my rope, 'cause

I won't be the one left behind
Ya can't be king of the world
If you're slave to the grind
Tear down the rat racial slime
Ya can't be king of the world
If you're slave to the grind

A routine injection, a lethal dose
But my day in the sun ain't even that close
There's no need to waste your prayers on me
Ya better mark my words 'cause I'm history
Yes indeed

I might beg for mercy
To get by
But I'd rather tear this thorn from my side, 'cause


They swallowed their daggers by turning their trick
They tore my intentions apart brick by brick
I'm sick of the jive
You talk verbal insecticide


I said slave to the grind
Slave to the grind
Slave to the grind


The Threat (Bolan, Snake)

I've been convicted
With and without reason
Tarred and feathered like a piper on a
killing spree
And felt the anger
Of generations
And been a target for the cheap shots
of authority

So you think you cut me down to size
Well there's something you should realize
It's gonna take more than a break in the law
To make me smile pretty for the
wrecking ball
Won't beg, won't bleed
The end of sacrifice is a threat to society
Hard line, you'll see
Once you've made a mark, you've made a
Threat to society

I wasn't put here
To be treated
Like some disease you hoped would go away
if left alone
Yeah, you can sweep me
Under the carpet
But I'll still infect your need to use me
As a stepping-stone

(chorus x2)

Quicksand Jesus (Bolan, Snake)

She caught the melting sky
It burned but still the winter passes by and by
To the other side

A slow parade of wind
That blows through trees that wilted
With the season's children

Are we saved by the words of bastard saints
Do we live in fear or faith
Tell me now
Who's behind the rain

A maze of tangled grace
The symptoms of 'for real' are crumbling embrace
But still we chase
The shadows of belief
And new religion clouds of visions of the roots
Of our souls

Are we ashamed of our own fate
Or play the fool for our own sake
Tell me who's behind the rain

What do we need
Where do we go
When we get where we don't know
Why should we doubt the virgin white of fallen snow
When faith's our shelter from the cold

Quicksand Jesus, I'm so far away without you (x3)
Quicksand Jesus, I need you
Quicksand Jesus, I believe you
Quicksand, I'm so far away


Psycho Love (Bolan)

Check out Clementine, cleanin' needles in her wine
Face down in a one-eyed world
With her brain-dead Valentine
She'll be your zombie, your livin' dead
Her sweet corruption, it's gonna make you
It's gonna break you...yeah, she said

Haunt my house of pain, and feel my psycho love
We'll shine and pray for rain to heal my
psycho love

Legs at ten and two, chain her down that's
what you do
King Tut and a snake-eyed slut
In the pink but screamin' blue
I'll taste your crazy, you smell insane
I'm just another ghost inside your spirits'
hall of fame


As the warm smooth soul chases through the
cold silence
Of a body
A body of touch not feel
One question
Is she a stone in the devil's garden
Or a speck of angel's dust
Ashes to ashes
Yeah, lust to lust

She'll teach you true love
Watchin' you turn blue, love
She'll wrap you in a chokehold and suck your
spirit dry


Get the Fuck Out (Bolan, Snake)

Well, your jokes ain't funny
And there's nothing you say that I wanna hear
The sound of the door slammin' your ass out
Is music to my ears
If I can't beat you then I'm gonna beat you
To a pulp
So can the TV rays and take my tonsil glaze
Right down your throat

You're standin' too close
What the fuck's with you
You ain't my old lady and you ain't a tattoo
No need to whimper
No need to shout
This party's over, so get the fuck out
Get the fuck out

Well I puke, I stink, bitch get me a drink
'Cause I'm payin' for the room
I ain't gonna buy you breakfast
So keep your mouth busy and
Wrap your lips all around my attitude
Take a walk with me with your triple double D's
And your 40-foot do
Why ya walkin funny
You musta spent some time with the boys in the crew


The morning's comin, and this is my bed
If I find you here when I wake up
The maid is gonna find me dead


Get the fuck out
Get the fuck out
Get the fuck out


Livin' On A Chain Gang (Bolan, Snake)

Turn on the TV, 'cause I got nowhere to go
It seems like there's a little trouble down
in Mexico
A 13-year old boy robs a store so he can eat
They got him doin' time while killers walk
the streets

A hungry politician is the wolf that's at the door
Hell-bent on submission and feedin' off the poor
We could stare into the sun if we would open up
our eyes
But we paint ourselves into a corner colored in
white lies

Busted on the rockpile
Getting dusted in the heat
Shackled to the system
And draggin' my feet

I'm riding on a breakdown
Another whiteknuckled shakedown
Feels like I'm livin' on a chain gang
I'm riding on a breakdown
A suicidal shakedown
Feels like I'm livin' on a chain gang

A con man's institution can wash your sins away
Send your contributions and he'll save your
soul today
What does he know, has he been through hell
and back
He takes the cash and he drives it home
In a brand new Cadillac

Spitting at the guard dog
Burning in his wicked deal
Screamin' down the railroad
With no one at the wheel


Faith healin' superstition
Cold-blooded criminal mind
Getting off on high position
Hey brother can you spare a dime
To get me off this slaughter line

(chorus x2)

Creepshow (Affuso, Bolan, Hill)

Zoned-out afternoon
Let's catch who's on top of who
Tell it like it is cause it isn't anyway
Much to my surprise
I caught it right between the thighs
My sweet little sister was layin' me away

My jaw dropped dead to the table
She put my cool in shock
Crack kills, and blood spills baby
But psychos, dykes and transvestites
Are on the chopping block

Oh no
I saw my baby on the creepshow
Out on
Spillin' my guts out on the news
Oh no
I caught my woman on the creepshow
Hit me with a shovel
Cause I can't believe I dug you

She filled my boots with lead
Was it something that I said
A picture paints a thousand ugly words
Baby's acting tough
Check out my fisticuffs
That's just what she deserves

I can't flip from the station
Can't unplug what's done
Her six-foot deep temptation
She nicked my shin, and then she kicked me in
And then she buried me for fun


My jaw dropped dead to the table
She put my cool in shock
Crack kills, and blood spills baby
But psychos, dykes and transvestites
Are on the chopping block


In A Darkened Room (Bach, Bolan, Snake)

In a darkened room
Beyond the reach of God's faith
Lies the wounded
The shattered remains of love betrayed
And the innocence
Of a child is bought and sold
In the name of the damned
The rage of the angels left silent and cold

Forgive me please, for I know not what I do
How can I keep inside the hurt I know is true

Well tell me when the kiss of love becomes a lie
That bears the scar of sin too deep to
hide behind
This fear of running onto you
Please let there be light in a darkened room

All the precious times
Have been put to rest again
And the smile of the dawn
Brings tainted lust singing my requiem
Can I face the day
When I'm tortured in my trust
And watch it crystalize
While my salvation it crumbles to dust

Why can't I steer the ship before it hits
the storm
I've fallen into the sea
But still I swim for shore


Riot Act (Bolan, Snake)

I never wanted to be President
Because it's nothin' but an ego trip, yeah
I didn't want your education
Because it's nothing but a pile of shit

You bore me to death
So shut up for God's sake

Stop readin' me the riot act
While my brains are still intact
You say it's raining, but you're pissin' down my back
So stop reading me the riot act

I couldn't listen to a word you said
This goin' nowhere thing is wearin' thin
When your sex, your drugs, and your valid vic'
Is just spit I wipe off my chin

I'd rather go nowhere than not know where it's at


I never wanted to be President
Because it's nothin' but an ego trip, yeah
I didn't want your education
Because it's nothing but a pile of shit

You bore me to death
So shut up for God's sake

(chorus x2)


Mudkicker (Bach, Bolan, Hill)

We stand accused, but you lie
Varicose-veined finger
Prejudiced evil mind
The young get stronger
Free living fast
But you're a sapsucker
You ain't gonna last

Your twisted mouths feed the minds of babes
Taught from birth it's crime that pays
One man's fortune is another man's pain
But that's how you play the game

I ain't the child of your disgrace
You're mudkickin' into my face
I've healed the wounds, been crucified
Mudkicker, ha, here's mud in your eyes

(Ladies and gentlemen and members
of the jury)
All rise, cause here comes the boss
He's your big brother, the silver tongue's
His collar starched white, big black
briefcase held tight
It holds the power to your demise

The corporation blue sedan
Behind the wheel Mr. Business-man
He thinks he's got the upper hand
But he misunderstands

(chorus x2)

Your prestige is clear as day
But I can scrape the sewer bilge and see
the same
The young get stronger, free living fast
But you're a sapsucker, you ain't gonna last

(chorus x2)

Mudkicker kick, kickin' me down
Mudkicker kickin' me all around

Mudkicker, I don't fuck around

Wasted Time (Bach, Bolan, Snake)

You and I together in our lives
Sacred ties would never fray
Then why can I let myself tell lies
And watch you die every day

I think back to the times
When dreams were what mattered
Tough-talking youth naivete

You said you'd never let me down
But the horse stampedes and rages
In the name of desperation

Is it all just wasted time
Can you look at yourself
When you think of what you left behind
Is it all just wasted time
Can you live with yourself
When you think of what you left behind

Paranoid delusions, they haunt you
Where's my friend I used to know
He's all alone, he's buried deep within a
Carcass, searching for a soul

Can you feel inside your heart as it's bleeding
Why can't you believe you can belong

I hear you scream in agony
And the horse stampedes and rages
In the name of desperation


You said you'd never let me down
But the horse stampedes and rages
In the name of desperation


The sun will rise again
The Earth will turn to sand
Creation's colors seem to fade to grey
You'll see the sickly hands of time
Will write your final rhyme
And end a memory

I never thought you'd let it get this far, boy