Question of the Month

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Question of the month, December 2002/January 2003:

What would you like to see Sebastian do in the future and why?

"Well, although he's very busy with JCS right now, I would love for him to do the revised version of JCS the movie or at least get his dvd out! I would also love to see him do what he does best: release a CD and do a full fledged tour! I love to see that man sweat!"

~Paula (aka Jojo) in IL


Question of the month, November 2002:

How/why did you become a fan of Sebastian?

"I became a fan in 1992.  A friend called and told me to turn on MTV and check Skid Row out. I loved everything about Skid Row as a band.  From the awesome guitar to Sebastian's way of making any song his! I have been a huge fan since that moment in 1992!"


"I was only 8 years old when I discovered Sebastian/Skid Row back in 1989. My parents went away for the weekend and left me with my older brother. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV when my parents were around so once they left, I asked my brother if I could watch it. The first video that came on was Youth Gone Wild. I've been hooked ever since. *Sebastian Quote: 'I suggest you all go out and get a nose ring because your parents will REALLY dig it.'* They hated it! lol - I'll never forget the look on my fathers face when I came home from school with a nose ring. Thanks for the suggestion Sebastian!" ;-)

~Lora in AZ
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"I became a Sebastian Bach fan right from the get go of Skid Row.  When I heard 18 & Life, it immediately brought me to tears.  I had never heard a male singer sing with such emotion.  I did not see the video first, I heard the song first, so when I saw the video, then I REALLY became a Sebastian Bach fan.  Not only does he have a beautiful face, beautiful hair, etc. I could sense something about him that was genuine and caring.  He may be a "bad boy", but I don't think that is really the real Sebastian.  I think he is a sensitive man, with a lot of talent to say the least.  I recently saw him live with Sebastian Bach and Friends, and when he sang 18 & Life, I cried all over again.  The man moves me to tears, what can I say.  I will be seeing him in JCS in February, and I can't wait." 

~"casrobdan" in NY

"I first discovered Sebastian about 2-3 years ago. Being only 17, I never knew about that music. I have a older brother who has always listend to that type of music,but I never really paid any attention to it until I heard Skid Row. The first song I had ever heard was I Remember You and I loved it,so I checked out all thier other stuff and I loved that too,so I have been listening to them ever since. I found out all about them and that Sebastian had went solo and was doing Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway. I thought that was so awesome that he was doing Broadway,but not surprised because his voice is so amazing! I have been lucky enough to meet him twice and he is such an awesome guy! It was a dream come true!"

~Natasha in VA