My Stuff

My story

Thanks to having an older stepbrother in the late 80's, I grew up on great music like Skid Row, Poison, Guns N Roses, and Def Leppard. I then got out of the rock scene for many years, but a couple of years ago I rediscovered it. I saw Skid Row in 2000 without Sebastian. I'm glad I went, because that concert helped get me back into rock, and fueled my search to find out what Sebastian has been up to for the past few years. I've gotten into his newer stuff now, and I love all of it. In May 2002, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Sebastian in concert and meet him afterward. Click here to read that story. With the current music scene being dominated with "pop princesses" and "nu-metal," it's so refreshing to find at least one artist who hasn't changed their looks or sound to fit in with a trend. Thanks, Sebastian, for keeping the rock alive. As long as there are a few musicians like Sebastian out there, despite what may be popular this week and out the next, real music will never die.

My collection

I started collecting rock memorabilia a little over a year ago. My favorite to collect is Skid Row/Sebastian Bach stuff. (Bet ya never woulda guessed!) Here's a list of what I currently have as far as Skid Row/Sebastian Bach goes. (I'm hoping to get a digital camera soon and take pics of more of it.)

Studio CD's

Skid Row s/t (1989) Slave to the Grind (1991)
B-Side Ourselves (1992) sUBHUMAN rACE (1995)
40 Seasons... (1998) Bring Em Bach Alive (1999)
The Last Hard Men (2001)  

Rarer CD's

Skid Row: Basement Tapes - This is a CD with demos of a lot of the early Skid Row songs. Dates to about 1988. The guys sound so young! It's interesting to listen to, because some of the words or instrumental parts were different at first then the way they ended up on the album. It also contains several songs that never made it onto the first album.

Skid Row: Bad Little Sixteen - Live CD from Japan. 1992?

Monkey Business - CD sampler for Slave to the Grind from Europe. Contains the tracks "Monkey Business," "Slave to the Grind," and "Riot Act." This was a limited edition, and mine is 0026/5000. Dated 1991.

My Enemy - Promo CD that was sent to the radio stations. Plain white marked CD in plain white marked sleeve. "For promotion only, not for sale." Dated 1995.

My Enemy - CD sampler/single for sUBHUMAN rACE. I *think* it has the tracks "My Enemy," "Frozen," and "Beat Yourself Blind." (It's in a frame and I can't really get to it.) Dated 1995.

Bach 2: Basics - CD of cover songs by Sebastian Bach. It's not really rare per se, but it is only sold on his website. Dated 2001.


Skid Row (self-titled) - 12" USA full album release on vinyl. 1989.

18 & Life - 12" vinyl from the UK. Contains "18 & Life," "Midnight/Tornado," and "Here I Am" (live version.) 1989.

Youth Gone Wild - 7" vinyl from the UK. Has "Youth Gone Wild" and "Sweet Little Sister." Comes with the 'poster bag.' 1989.

I Remember You - 7" vinyl from the UK. "I Remember You" and "Makin' a Mess" (I think). Comes with tattoos of the Skid Row logo. 1990.

Breakin' Down - 7" vinyl 'for the world outside of the United States.' Limited edition green vinyl. Has "Breakin' Down" and "Riot Act (live, recorded at the Astoria Theatre in London on March 28, 1995.)" Dated 1995.


London Arena Docklands - 2-tape live show from November 1991.


Oh Say Can You Scream - Skid Row home video. 1989. No Frills - Skid Row music videos. 1992.
Roadkill - Skid Row home video. 1993. Forever Wild - All 13 episodes on tape. 2002.


Hit Parader - Skid Row cover. August 1989.
Hit Parader - Sebastian Bach cover. January 1990. Metal Edge - Skid Row Color Spectacular. February 1990.

Hit Parader - Sebastian Bach cover. July 1990.

Superstar Special - Sebastian Bach Color Spectacular. August 1990.

Rolling Stone - Sebastian Bach cover. September 1991. Raw - 1991 yearbook. Skid Row cover.
Tamm (Japan) - Skid Row cover. February 1992.

Hit Parader - Sebastian Bach cover. May 1992.

Kerrang - Sebastian Bach cover. April 8, 1995.

Burrn (Japan) - Sebastian Bach cover. May 2002.


Skids Across America - World Tour 89/90 t-shirt.

Forever Wild on the Road 2002 - t-shirt.

Autographed Stuff

My shirt that I wore to the Stone Pony show - May 10, 2002. Signed by Sebastian, Paul, and Larry.

Poster from the Stone Pony weekend - May 10-11, 2002. Signed by Sebastian, Paul, Larry, and Bam Bam.

Picture taken from a magazine - signed by Sebastian.


Wall hanging - About 4' x 4', nylon, dated 1989. Has a picture like the one inside the booklet of the s/t album.

Rock cards - 4 sets of the 17 different Skid Row cards made by Brockum. 1991 (I think).

Dressing room sign - Don't really know anything about this one. I got it on Ebay because it looked cool.

Skid Row Poster Book - 1989.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - big poster w/Sebastian, and small ad flyer of the same thing.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Playbill.

Jekyll and Hyde - small ad flyer w/Sebastian.