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Skid Row

New Jersey's Skid Row was: Rob Affuso (drums), Sebastian Bach (lead vocals), Rachel Bolan (bass), Scotti Hill (guitar), and Dave "Snake" Sabo (guitar). Their sound was just enough different from the hair-metal bands of the era to make them stand out, and the attitude of their music was everything.

Skid Row released four albums and three home videos in their nine-year span. Their self-titled album sold over four million copies. Their second album, Slave to the Grind, debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, the first hard rock album ever to do so.
from top left: Snake, Scotti, Rob, Rachel, and Sebastian  
There are many different theories and opinions as to why Skid Row broke up, or rather, why Sebastian was kicked out of the band. I don't know what's true, and it doesn't really matter anymore. Skid Row now has a new singer and drummer, and to most fans, they won't ever be the same.