Look out Ohio...it's the FREAKS IN CINCINNATI!!
February 21-23, 2003

***The Cast: April, Char, Debra, me (Lisa), Marla, Paula #1, Paula #2, and Sebastian Bach. With a special appearance by Fred and the Phishheads***

(Note: All of the following pictures belong to me, unless credit is otherwise given. PLEASE don't use these on another site without permission.)

**The Trip There**

This is what April and I left in...are we crazy or what? That big white pile, is April's mom's car!
And this was my parking spot! At least I knew my car wouldn't roll away!

**Arriving in Cincinnati**

Marla, Char, Paula, and Deb unpacking their car in the parking garage that had no elevator...

**The Show**

Walking to the Aronoff Center. Below is the venue itself.

(No, it didn't suddenly get light when we got there. I took the venue pics the next day.)

Deb and Paula in front of the poster for the show.

(Pic taken by Marla.)

I was a bad girl, and tried to take pictures at the show. Unfortunately, they didn't really come out, but here they are, for what they are worth.
"Well, he ain't no new messiah, but he's close enough for rock n roll!!"

The show was amazing. I don't want to write too much and ruin it for those who haven't been yet, but it lets you see Sebastian performing in a whole new way, and he still lets out some rock screams that will take your breath away. I cried the first night...

The whole cast takes a bow.

**Meeting Sebastian**

Left to right: Char, Debra, Paula #1, April, Marla, me, Paula #2.

Waiting in the alley outside the theatre.

It was cold out, so Sebastian let us come in the waiting area inside the stage door.
This was the cutest thing. There was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, very shy and quiet. Sebastian gave her an autograph and a hug, as her family looked on.
This was Char's first time meeting Sebastian. The look on her face is priceless!

Behind them, you can see Paula #2 and her husband.

Left: Sebastian signs an autograph for Marla.

Below Left: My Rolling Stone magazine, which according to Sebastian is in "MINT condition." He also announced, "Look everyone, I'm hanging on the cross!"

Below Right: Sebastian and me. (This was the pic that never got taken at the Stone Pony!)

Right: Sebastian and April. (her pic.)

Below Left: Baz and Kurtis. (Paula #2's pic.)

Below Right: Deb, Sebastian, April, and Sebastian's wife Maria. (Paula #2's pic.)

Left and Below Left: Deb and Sebastian. (Paula #1 and #2's pix.)

Below Right: Marla and Baz. (her pic.)

Baz and Char. (Paula #1's pic)
Baz and Paula #1. (her pic)

**The Bazfreaks Vs. The Phishheads**

As it turns out, there was also a Phish show in Cincinnati this weekend. Literally a couple of hundred Phishheads were at our hotel, and our floor seemed to be the place to be. The hallways
smelled like...roses....yeah, roses.

This is Fred. At first, he thought we were in town for the Phish show. We soon educated him on our reason for being in town, then he made us margaritas. Fred is from Hawaii, and has seen Phish
in concert around 120 times.

Hi Fred!!!

This is Fred's friend, Mike Paul, letting us know he has woken up and is ready to PARTY!
Marla and me in Fred's room.

**Just Chillin'**

The girls showing their love for Baz outside of Arby's. (Everything else was closed!)
April shows off her lucky pants that have been signed by about every band imaginable.
Deb, me, and Marla at the Tiffany's that was
downstairs in our hotel.

We couldn't afford anything, so we just
took a picture!

Me, Marla, and April at dinner.
Char, Deb, and Paula #1 at dinner. (Marla's pic)
"The chips...are right behind you!"
"What did I miss?"
Uh oh...it's a feud! April and Marla. (Paula #1's pic)

**Thanks, girls, for a GREAT weekend! Can't wait till next time!**
~Lisa, February 24, 2003

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