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On August 22,23,24, we were at Leeds Festival in Leeds, England. On the 23 we met BLINK 182 our idols! Out of 50,000 people only 150 got to meet them. Daniel(bass) and Eric(guitar) were lucky enough to meet them! We were the only ones who shook thier hand (security guards told everyone not to touch them). The memebers of Blink 182 offered the hand shake to Daniel and Eric. We have 6 songs written and hopefully you will see at least one of them performed at Battle of the Bands. We are on the search for a new drummer, since Sandra, our previous drummer, moved. If you know of one please tell us! We are also looking for a singer. If Eric decides not to sing. Well thats all for now so look forward for more updates!

A Single Fate has been a band for This is a awesome band! We all have very small bent penises except our drummer who is still unknown. We blame our parents for this. It doesnt matter though cuz our music is cool. Our old drummer, Sandra, left which is really sad! So we are going to have to find a new one.

Blink 182 has inspired me, the guitarist and Daniel,the bassist. We totally act like them. Our old drummer, Sandra, had the best double bass drum pedle in the world (IRON COBRA)! It was a custom set Basix and lugwig mostly Basix. Pearl symbols. I have a Squire Strat electric guitar, and a Fender acoustic guitar. I also have a Pevey amp. Dan, the bassist has a Johnson electric bass, and a Squier Acoustic bass and guitar. Uhh basically we are going to go for a punk band but might throw in some harder rock! Both Daniel and I are buying digitech peddle boards. They have tons of effects so we can put good music to our lyrics. I have my distortion peddle which makes a hard rock sound. We arent exactly sure what kind of music we are going to have but hopefully its good.

Sites We Like


Awesome Brands

Hurley, Atticus, Volcom, Zero, Fossil, DC shoes, Vans, Macbeth, Adio, Split, etc.

Cool Pictures that are kinda like ours until we can get actual pics of ours. The Surf Green and Light Blue one, Daniel and I will soon own. They are the Tom Delong Fender Strat and the Mark Hoppus Fender Bass. Tom Delonge has a new custom guitar comming out. Its a gibson. I will also own that (when i get the money). If not i will get the Epiphone version.

Eric's Electric Guitar.

The Guitar I will one day own.

Daniel's Bass.

Daniel's Dream Bass.

Daniel's Acoustic Bass

Daniel's Acoustic Guitar

Picks that we all use!


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We Would Like to Shout Out To...

...Tortex, Fender, Squire, Gibson, Ibanez, all the drum companies mentioned, marshall amps, pevey amps, MESA amps, Behringer amps, all of our friends,Colleen and Gabbi the groupie also all of our other groupies like Kara, Leslie,etc,BLINK 182 (the best band in the entire world, The Used,System of a Down, Thrice, Thursday, Funeral For A Friend, All American Rejects, Home Grown,Limp Bizkit, Korn, Fenix Tx, Third Eye Blind, Green Day,BoxCar Racer, Bowling For Soup,AFI,Taking Back Sunday,AGAIN BLINK 182, and many many other bands...maybe one day we will tour with some of these bands. Hopefully Blink 182! There are many many more but the list would be much to long!