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MTV: Let's talk a bit about how you guys started up the band. How did having the two of you as singers come about?
Chester: I'm actually a lab experiment. I was raised in a petri dish at the UCLA biomedical center.
Mike: And we just grew to like him, so we kept him around.
Chester: And I just grew.
Mike: You're really not going to go on to another question and let us go on that one.
Chester: He wants a real answer, I think. 

CHESTER: "We're sooo boy bandish, aren't we?"
MIKE: "Here's the thing: we didn't really hear about that until we left the US. In the US, I think I heard a rumour through my brother that somebody started back East, but for the most part, nobody has even heard that before. Maybe it's the fact we've never been out here before and the lack of communication between fans and ourselves made that happen, but almost every interviewer has asked something about this boy band thing, and it's freaking ridiculous, it's so silly!"
CHESTER: "I think it's because of my strikingly good looks."
MIKE: "I think it's because of your strikingly bad looks."
CHESTER: "I totally disagree. I think i'm the most important person...ever"
MIKE: "I think chesters full of himself and I think thats really hot!"
CHESTER: "Yeah sometimes at night you're full of me too."

CHESTER: Must become action figure, must become action figure... 

MIKE:"I have a toothbrush. My toothbrush is sexy!"

BRAD: "I want to know if Joe Hahn sleeps in the nude?"
MIKE: "yes he does (wink wink)"

CHESTER: I'm just a regular guy, you know? There's no leotard and cape under my clothes. I shit, I piss, I drink too much and throw up, just like everybody else."

MIKE:"We support free music. So go ahead! Download that s***!"

CHESTER: "We kind of just like ninjas and dark tunnels and fire."
MIKE: "And guys with big hair that look like werewolves."
CHESTER: "Grr! Arr!"(referring to the One Step Closer video).

MIKE: "The best way to save a dime at a fast food run through is to have fans who work at the place that's serving the food so they can hook you up."


Pheonix: Phi Phi "Big Bottom" Farind

Cheseter: Chaz "Show Me Your T**s" Benito

Brad: Big Bad "Sticky Fingers" Delros